One shot message IBM LMIC abp Arduino RFM95w

Please excuse my dumb questions as I’m a complete noob, but I’ve built a node using an Atmega328p and Hope RFM95w on a breadboard, which works nicely with the matthijskooijman IBM LMiC abp code - However, I am now trying to adapt it for ultra low power consumption, so I need to turn power to the radio module on and off. This (not too surprisingly) causes a few issues for my code. Starting from the example code, I have tried putting the setup code in the loop so that it does a full reset every time around, but then nothing is sent at all. If I put just the os_start() into the setup it just sends retrys very rapidly.

Could anyone point me in the direction I should be heading, or give me some idea which parts of the code need to occur at setup, and which I can keep running every time the power cycles?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

did you use search first ?

you need to use a ’ low power library ’ in your code