Only 15% of messages arives


I loaded the SendOTAA example in the ‘the things uno’ and made it send a byte every 10 seconds. The problem is that my gateway only receives 15% of the messages i send.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks already,

Describe your setup a little more. What gateway are you using ?

15% suspiciously looks like 1/8 : maybe you are using a single channel gateway and your node is sending on all 8 channels ?

Thanks for the quick answer.

My gateway is a raspberry Pi with the dragino LoRa/GPS hat, using the software from the github page of bokse001. This way the one way gateway can work in two directions.
(to be precise, it is 15,77% (counted over 600 messages))

The Dragino LoRa/GPS Hat is single-channel, so @DeuxVis’s suspicion is likely correct.

ok, thanks.

Do you have any advice on what gateway i should use instead? I’d rather not use the original one because I want to be able to modify hard- and software. I’d prefer a raspberry pi shield…

edit: Or could I change a setting in the uno so it only transmits on one channel?

Thanks for the help

You could look at a RAK831 gateway module with an adapter board to go between the Pi Zero and the RAK831 module. One such adapter by Charles Hallard, one of the TTN contributors, is here:

It depends on what software do you run on the uno. If LMIC - this post should help you.

I am using the sdk as provided by TTN.