OTA Updates via LoRa with ESP32/ESP8266


How can I do an OTA update with node-red, mqtt and Arduino IDE via LoRa with an ESP32?

This topic does not help me: Does node-red supports over the air (OTA) update?

I can already send data over mqtt to the node with base64. I want to send a firmware to the device:
First the binary has to be split, so I can send via LoRa it piece by piece, but how did I do that?
Do I have to convert the binary file (Firmware image) to base64? And then send it piece by piece?

Thanks for help.

Hi, OTA Updates are AFAIK far out of scope. Most because duty cycle and TTN allows only very, very low data rates by design.

Indeed, a Gateway having to transmit fairly large files at the typically low data rates available, to a large number of nodes, would run into significant legal issues with duty cycle restrictions …