OTAA Join Takes A Long Time - Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-091 and LAIRD RG191 Gateway

We have a LoRa End Node device that is designed with the Murata CMWX1ZZABZ-091 LoRa module that uses the ST Mircro STM32L072CZ MCU. We are using the I-CUBE-LRWAN software. We are also using the Laird Sentrius RG191 gateway to connect our end node to the The Things Network.

We are able to JOIN The Things Network, however it can take as long as 5 minutes to JOIN the network. On occasion we are able to JOIN within a few seconds. However, we are never able to JOIN on the first JOIN request. We would like to be able to JOIN on the first JOIN request or within 10 seconds.

Provided below is what we see on The Things Network when we JOIN the network.
“time”: “2018-09-20T01:29:26.557752773Z”,
“frequency”: 904.3,
“modulation”: “LORA”,
“data_rate”: “SF10BW125”,
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“gateways”: [
“gtw_id”: “eui-c0ee40ffff2943e2”,
“timestamp”: 3991604108,
“time”: “”,
“channel”: 2,
“rssi”: -109,
“snr”: -13.8

Can someone please give us some ideas on how to trouble shoot this issue. Is there some parameter in the LoRa code that is running on the MCU that we can change? We tried disabling ADR and setting a static DR. This does not help. Should we be changing a setting on our Laird Gateway? Is there a specific channel that we should be using? If so, where do we configure that in our LoRa code.

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Did you limit the channels used by the node to those your gateway is listening on?


Thanks for your help. We figured out how to limit the channels of our end nodes to those our gateway is listening on. We are now able to Join immediately.

Can you advise if Class C is completely operational on The Things Network? Our end node is Configure for Class C operation. When we downlink data to our end node device, the data is not received by the Class C end node until the next transmit cycle. We were expecting the downlink data to be received immediately since Class C end nodes should have their receive channels open most of the time except during an uplink data cycle. Please advise if you have any information on Class C operation.

not yet… see TTN network stack V3 central 1

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How did you limit the channels on the Node to those the Gw is listening to? I don’t see how to do that.

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Hi, could anyone configure the Join channel on the End_Node code of I-CUBE-LRWAN? Thanks.