Pause or Stop Packet Forwarding on Kerlink

I’m testing 2 public gateways, 1 is Kerlink and 1 is Multitech Conduit.
I would like to pause or halt the packet forwarding on the Kerlink to verify that the packets are still routed to my application via the Conduit.
I know if I kill the process it will get re-started for obvious reasons.
The device is located at a separate site and I want to avoid having to manually intervene.
Is there a simple way to pause or stop packet forwarding this without shutting the Kerlink down for a short period of time?

There should be shell script somewhere in /usr/sbin . And too :slight_smile:

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FYI: when both are active and within reach of the node, you should see both in the meta data you get, unless one is much slower in forwarding the packets. In that case the late data is ignored in favor of sending the other data as soon as possible.

(The value used for DeduplicationDelay is probably around 200ms, but I am not sure.)

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Valuable info in both replies.
Thanks Gents.
Regards Mike.