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Hello LoRa friends,


Your beloved station bike has certainly been stolen from you. Bike wasn’t expensive, but it was yours. With the SolarVeloTracker, you can find your bike again.

I recently designed a BikeTracker

Here are some key facts:

  • Sends current GPS position every hour (via ThingsNetwork)
  • Integrated solar panel to extend the battery life
  • Rearlight is switched on automatically when using the bike (only night)
  • Automatic switch-off of the rear light after approx. 4 minutes


  • Taillight can be mounted on any luggage rack.
  • The distance between the mounting screws is 8cm.

1x Solar Velotracker / ThingsNetwork
1x power supply
1x USB cable

Price 134 CHF.

What do you think ?


Too expensive and a TTN network must be in the city.

ST announced their LoRaWAN SoC - STM32 with ARM Cortex M4 and LoRa radio on a single piece of silicon.

For B2B information you can contact me.

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LoRaWAN-enabled People Counter

This is a small device based on Murata’s CMWX1ZZABZ-078 that uses two IR sensors to detect passage of people across a threshold, like a doorway. The device is capable of detecting the direction of threshold crossing, so keeps track of ingress and egress events seperately. Applications include monitoring human traffic, keeping track of room occupancy, intrusion detection, etc.

The device runs on a 950 mAH coin cell battery or two AAA batteries and lasts up to three years of continuous usage at 10 minute LoRaWAN reporting interval. Typical continuous power usage at this reporting rate is 35 uA.

Edit: In the latest design the IR sensors run at a continuous 50 Hz and draw ~5 uA each. They are set to interrupt the MCU upon threshold crossing, so the system stays in its low power state until interrupted by the sensors. Right now the LoRaWAN Tx is set on a fixed timing interval, but one could switch this to a combination low frequency update, like once per hour or day and a Tx-on-detect kind of scheme for applications where few transits are expected. Lots of possibilities, but the current draw is dominated by the LoRaWAN Tx.

The device is housed in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch Bud Industries container and is simply mounted via VHB foam tape.



In our initial testing the device has achieved > 95% accuracy.

The device began as a project and we are now commercializing the technology for sale. We have redesigned the prototypes for efficient manufacture and to minimize build costs and have started production and beta testing for prospective customers. Pricing will be set after all production costs are determined but we expect the initial price of each device will be around $60; less at higher volumes.

Please contact me at for more information.


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Hello all,

I’m glad to share with you the release of RoLaGuard: a free and open source LoRaWAN Operations, Cybersecurity & Compliance Management Platform. Despite being the first release, it has a lot of functionality that can help to manage LoRaWAN networks in an easy and automated way, just plug and play to get real time monitoring, diagnostics and solution information to smoothly run your LoRaWAN networks. Platform Main Capabilities:

Asset Inventory:
-Automatic Inventory of devices and gateways
-Classification by importance and labeling
-Geolocalized Map Visualization
-Drill-Down Analytics

Network Overview:
-Status of gateways and devices
-Lost messages, retransmissions, failed Joins
-Frequency between messages
-Devices by gateway
-Signal Strength and Noise graphics

Automation & Alerts:
-Continuous Monitoring and Alerting with Automatic Risk and Importance Classification
-Event Configuration & Management
-Security and Compliance
-Best Practice, Operation and Security Checks

Security & Compliance:
-Network Protection
-Vulnerabilities and attack detection
-Active traffic surveillance
-Best Practices

For the moment RoLaGuard supports The Thing Networks and ChirpStack, but we are working to add more Network Servers. Also, you can develop your own data source connector to add support to your favorite Network Server. Please, take a look, share your feedback and contribute.

Video demo:


It seems you’re implementing LAF in the screen below? But like discussed earlier, the 2nd item below is moot, and the 4th item may be moot too. See LoRaWAN Security Research Paper is now published!


Hi! Yes, a big part of LAF’s code was used for the engine of this tool. I know that some rules may not apply to TTN, but this tool wasn’t meant only for TTN and this is why we implemented policies so that the user can enable/disable certain checks. Regarding the 4th item, the tool doesn’t flag retransmissions as duplicated since it does other checks first.

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SEMTECH LR1110 based LoRa developer board.

The last few months Skylab has been quietly working on a new small prototyping board based on the Semtech LoRa® LR1110 LoRa Edge™ Asset Management Platform. This ultra-low-power prototyping board equipped with LoRa LoRaWAN, GPS / GNSS, WiFi geolocation, for precise in and outdoor positioning, capable of measuring Temperature, Humidity, Barometric pressure, Acceleration and Magnetic field. This LoRa developer board is Arduino IDE compatible and WEMOS pin-compatible which gives extra possibilities. Our team has been working very hard to optimize the last design details and we are happy to announce that we start the first production.

If you have any questions about our new product please feel free to contact us or visit the webpage:

LR1110 LoRa developer board UPDATE. Today we started the production of the first (small) batch of the New LR1110 board. With this development we are one step closer to full-scale production. The first batch of the new LR1110 based developer board was very promising and the PCB is nearly perfect but here at skylab, we strive for perfection. which is why will test and inspect these first boards extremely thoroughly to find and improve every imperfection. we are very excited to start working with the brand new LR1110. lr1110skylab

What were the imperfections in the chip - I’d assume you’d not be able to correct those yourself?

Hi @descartes ,

In the chip we didn’t find any imperfections I have edited the message it was a bit confusing.
On the PCB we could expect some imperfections but so far so good :muscle:

any pricing news?
working code?
sleep current?

Hi @jezd

Our price for the first productions will be around € 125,- when we start mass production the price will drop around € 99,-
Next week (Late November) we start with the early adapters, enthusiast programmers and (our) engineers to test first codes, and measure power consumptions in various modes. Shortly after (December) we start to publish the first (beta’s) in Arduino code on GitHub. A limited number of boards are available for those interested in contributing. On our website you can find the more info, roadmap, and register.


2 remarks :

  • doesn’t give " Wi-Fi AP MAC-adresscanner" privacy problems in the EU?
  • I know that " BME280-sensor" type of sensors are sensitive to the “heat” from the PCB of even placement inside a box. Did you anticipate it?

1 question :slight_smile:
I’m getting fond of qwiic connectors for prototyping. Is I²C available and are the needed pins close (3.3V,GND,address and data).

Dear All,
For those of you who work on Smart Buildings projects (residential, commercial, municipal) and want to save approx 30% heating costs, take a look at Vicki - LoRaWAN Smart Radiator Thermostat:
MClimate Vicki LoRaWAN Datasheet.pdf (993.4 KB)

Vicki is already proven with tens of thousands installed in many types of buildings.

Best regards,

Hi @AlainD,

Wi-Fi AP mac address scanning is already being done by allot of smart devices to determine there approximate location before the GPS/GNSS kicks in. Privacy wise there are some protections in place like you need at least 2 different mac addresses to get a valid response.

For the BME280 we choice to put it on the Battery/Solar/MicroUSB side so there are not a lot of components close to it but there could be some heat dissipation when charging the battery for example.

I attached a picture showing the BME280 placement and the pin definitions.


Kind Regards,

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