Question to E78-868LN22S LoRaWAN Module (ASR6501 Chip) - Payload 0 bytes?

This sounds like typical limit under SF12 with EU868 scheme vs your SF7… check set-up/config…


The module looks to be correctly configured, as I query data rate and receive window parameters. And gateway’s LoRa Channel configurations are set up as to be EU868 - SF7.


This payload size is exactly 51 bytes.

That’s just plain not appropriate on the community network, regardless if you split it into multiple pieces or not.

You’re probably running into some sort of limit in the stack or another, but the reality is that you just shouldn’t be trying to do this. If you actually need to move that much information, and can’t better compact it, then you need a different technology.

Why is it not appropriate to send uplink data of that size? I’m sending unconfirmed messages, for all its worth, by the way.

Because they take absurdly too much airtime.

If you need to move 96 byte packets, you’re into territory that LoRaWan especially as implemented in TTN simply isn’t meant to fill.

is it essential to use a microcontroller for driving the E78 module ? cant i use a serial port with the e78 module to transmit data ??

Dear @AbhipsitaTechnologie
The E78 can be programmed with an AT command firmware (GitHub - asrlora/alios-asr-lora) that allows you to send data from a computer or other serial terminal.
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You don’t have to use a microcontroller, you can use a full size PC if you wish.

But you will need something to send the appropriate commands to the E78 module or you may, and I’ve not tried, be able to write your own firmware for it.

thanks you so much for the advice. I will be sending the AT commands to the e78 module from PC via cutecom terminal in fedora 30.
I have succesfully added a dragino lps8 as a gateway on the TTN network and it shows “connected”. However, while registering the e78-868lln22s module as an end device, and after putting all the required details as asked, TTN console shows “last seen info unavailabe” for the same. Could you suggest what is wrong ??
Thanks in advance.

Not without a whole heap more detail, like is it ABP or OTAA, what do you see on the device serial log, the gateway log, the gateway web console etc.

Please ensure all text items are copied & pasted as text, no screen shots and that you use the </> tool to format logs & serial output.


i used a standard win10pc with HTerm and an USB-UART adapter (CP2102),

maybe helpful:

my config:

following are the details:
1)network server address+application server address :
2)lora wan version: MAC v1.0.3
3)freq plan: india 865-867 mhz
4)supports class C
there after i obtained the device address, generated an nwkskey. At the application layer, i also obtained appskey, and didnot enable the skip payload encryption and decryption.
the last msg at the device log shows “updated”, and at the gatewayconsole:connected.
when i type the AT commands as stated in the above comments by daa792.
Gateway log shows “devaddr:260B****,Fcnt:1, Fport:10,macpayload: E0 1C E1 D1, bandwidth:12500, snr:11, RSSI:-53, raw payload :8042AA0B268001000AE01CE1D1447AA6F0” for AT command AT+DTRX=1,2,4,00010203

Not sure why there is a MAC payload included - what is make & model of the gateway?

dragino lps8-868

@descartes Sir, could you please suggest me the AT commands for communication via serial terminal for OTAA method ??


i performed:








@daa792 Thank You so much for the suggestion.
However, after providing the commands as stated, and using command AT+DTRX=1,2,5,0001020304
serial terminal shows “ERR+SEND:00”. Could you advice me where I am going wrong ??


What gives AT+CJOINMODE=?


I used AT+CJOINMODE=0 for OTAA method

So @AbhipsitaTechnologie you choose OTAA mode.

What is your full AT+JOIN command , and what answer do you get ?

Something like that ?