Raspberry Pi 3 + IC880a + GPS

(Allen) #62

Not sure if you resolved that issue, but I saw the same thing when using the resin “dev” image instead of prod, The issue turned out to be due to this. In my case I simply deployed the production image instead, following the guide and making sure to apply the correct overlay.

(Duineuk) #63

Yup, exactly that :slight_smile:

(John Hunt) #64

I found this post in german. Maybe that could help you!

(Kalon33) #65

Dear @kersing, any update on this (beaconing support)?

Thanks for your help.

(Jac Kersing) #66

I’ve looked into it but it requires a lot of refactoring for which I haven’t had time and will not have time in the near future. Also because TTN back-end does not support Class B and very few nodes do it is low priority for me. (Feel free to motivate me, not by bugging/nagging but you can probably think of some way :smile:)

If you want beacons with the current code base you need to use Semtech protocol for packet forwarding to at least one destination and set the approriate flags in the global config. (And have a GPS attached for timing)