Recent change in ADR handling in TNN and LMIC generate downlink loop

(Remko) #41

I just tested that but the problem is not solved with the development branch. sorry.


(Verkehrsrot) #42

That’s as expected, since the pull request which may solve the issue is not yet merged in mcci lmic. I will keep my eyes on this.

(Remko) #43

Ah, ok, I went too fast and assumed… sorry. Thanks for replying. W’ll follow this topic

(Verkehrsrot) #44

No, i was too slow, i just see the pull request was merged 4 hours ago. Paxcounter software in development branch is ready now for testing. You can rebuild now from development repo and test, i will do so either.

(Verkehrsrot) #45

Tested. No more ADR downlinks. The fix seems to work.

(Nograin) #46

and ADR does work?

(Jezd) #47

I’ll test tomorrow too - cross fingers on this

(Verkehrsrot) #48

Yes, ADR now is working again with TTN, as it did before.
Tested with latest paxcounter development version.