Recent change in ADR handling in TNN and LMIC generate downlink loop

I just tested that but the problem is not solved with the development branch. sorry.


That’s as expected, since the pull request which may solve the issue is not yet merged in mcci lmic. I will keep my eyes on this.

Ah, ok, I went too fast and assumed… sorry. Thanks for replying. W’ll follow this topic

No, i was too slow, i just see the pull request was merged 4 hours ago. Paxcounter software in development branch is ready now for testing. You can rebuild now from development repo and test, i will do so either.

Tested. No more ADR downlinks. The fix seems to work.


and ADR does work?

I’ll test tomorrow too - cross fingers on this

Yes, ADR now is working again with TTN, as it did before.
Tested with latest paxcounter development version.


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