Register a deleted gateway

Good afternoon. My problem is the following: when I register a gateway, I put the data it asked for but it did not connect, I changed the frequency and nothing. I created another gateway again and decided to delete the previous one. but when I want to register it again it tells me that it is already registered. Please if someone can help me how to recover it. The EUI is a840411d1cbc4150. I’m just getting to know this world

My native language is Spanish, I hope my message is understood

A regular issue and often asked about….forum search is your friend!

Read the error message carefully - most likely it will call out GW ID as the problem…. This can (should/must) be changed for reregistration, where the GW EUI is immutable….

Thanks for answering. I am looking for a solution. My problem is the following: I was registering dragino lg02 and when registering, I could not connect so I deleted it to be able to start again but I could no longer register because it appears registered. so please if you can help me. thank you.

I get the following code:
“code”: 6,
“message”: “error:pkg/util/store:id_taken (ID already taken, choose a different one and try again)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/util/store”,
“name”: “id_taken”,
“message_format”: “ID already taken, choose a different one and try again”,
“correlation_id”: “0606883b035f4b75871d83671476082c”,
“cause”: {
“namespace”: “pkg/util/store”,
“name”: “already_exists”,
“message_format”: “already exists”,
“correlation_id”: “9e9fd6e962e24190aa850ca6b3295d4a”,
“code”: 6
“code”: 6

DONT! STOP!, Do not pass go, do not collect 200 $/£/€/…

This is NOT a LoRaWAN GW and should not be attempted to connect to TTN. Search for SCPF or DCPF on the Forum. (Single or Dual Channel Packet Forwarder).

These will not work correctly or reliably for you and will be disruptive to other users. Even Dragino call this out on their website. Get a LoRaWAN Gateway and try again… Dragino do decent low cost LoRaWAN GW’s if you want to stay on brand or you can look at other low cost devices like the TTIG etc.

And as to your registration problem you will start with a clean slate with new GW so error will go away and be solved . (See also prior advice for future ref…)

In order to connect, I followed the steps that the manual tells me and the dragino’s forms of communication. For that reason I asked. and that’s what I’m counting on right now. if you can help me please

I say again

If you check Dragino’s website and documentation you will see they call out LoRaWAN non-compliance for the LG01 & LG02 product line and call theirs LoRa GW’s - note subtle difference - LoRa NOT LoRaWAN. You need a full 8 channel concentrator based solution usin anSX130x baseband processor. There still exists some old documentation from DGNO that called out methods with TTNV2 Edwin and the team caught up and corrected their offering, sadly its hard to go back over the Interwebs and delete all mis-guided info.

No. You are wilfully disregarding the guidance and advice given. Please go replace your LG02 with e.g. LG308, LPS8/V2, LPS16, or one of the other DGNO LoRaWAN gateways or another from alternate vendors as requested.

Nuff’ said:

We can’t help you because the hardware is not compliant and will cause issues for you and other users as Jeff already mentioned. So put this on eBay (don’t call it a LoRaWAN gateway as you would be liable for misrepresenting the product) and buy yourself a LoRaWAN gateway if you want to join TTN.

Doesn’t matter what anyone anywhere says about anything, Single or Dual Channel Packet Forwarders are not for use on a LoRaWAN network.

Even Dragino have that on their product page. If you have an issue with any discrepancies, it’s Dragino that you need to take it up with. Or return it to your vendor.

See: Single Channel Packet Forwarders (SCPF) are obsolete and not supported

As there is no further assistance available, closing thread.