RN2483 - Trigger mac state call


I am doing some research on LoRa with LoStik from Ronoth which has an RN2483 Module (https://ronoth.com/products/lostik).
I am curious about the changes in the mac state. RN2483 offers the possibility to check the mac state with a command ( mac get state). I guess, with my manual tests I am missing some states.
Does anyone know if there is a possibility to get the mac state automatically if it changes? Kind of triggering the command if the state changes.

Thanks for your help.

The rn2483 does not send unsolicited messages. It only responds to commands issued by the controller it is connected to. So there is no way to have it send updates whenever the state changes, you have to ‘poll’ for state changes.

Thanks, Kersing.
I expected polling is the best way to do it.

Is anyone familiar with the several mac states?
I am struggling with translating the values to the bitmap of the manual

Make sure the firmware revision matches the documentation you are using as there have been changes over time. BTW, I’ve never bothered using the states and have nodes with rn2483 running for over 4 years. You don’t need the information to create a stable node.