RN2483 with wire antenna

Ladies and gents,

I need help from the RF experts.

I’d like to design a PCB using the RN2483 with a wire antenna.

To connect an antenna via connector, I proper 50 Ohm strip line is required (example design in datasheet).

But, couldn’t find any information how to connect a wire antenna to this module.

Please help.

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Nobody here who can help with this?


Just connect a single 1/4 wave wire to the antenna pin.

I prefer to use PTFE wire, looped thru a PCB hole as a strain relief. The PTFE wire is very tough and slipperly and seems to reduce the chance of damage or removal of the wire.

I have done this lots for both 434mhz and 868mhz devices, and whilst it may not be ideal, or could affect certification for the module you are using, it does work.

Hi LoRaTracker

To the antenna pin of the module or to the antenna connector position after the strip line.

The main question was, do I need the strip line for the wire antenna?

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No you dont ‘need’ a stripline when the connection to the antenna pin is very short, a couple of mm.

In most circumstances the shorter the connection between the module and the antenna the better.

Thank you very much