Searching for a simple and cost effective solution for low temperature sensing

Hello everyone,

I’m searching for a simple solution for the following issue:
I want t supervise e.g. once a day the inner temperature of a refrigerator. There is no gateway close to the appartment where the fridge is located so that I need to instal la gateway. The (for me) most convienent connection of the gateway to the internet would be by LTE. I already found a low temperature sensor and a LTE-gateway ( Dragino LG01-N Single Channel LoRa IoT Gateway) but at its description it is meant " Note: LG01-N is designed for Private LoRa Protocol, Not recommend for LoRaWAN use.
So my question (I’m a newbie): What does that mean for my application? In particular what does “Private LoRa Protocol” mean?
What difficlutlies do I have to expect wwhen using this gateway?
Thanks a lot in advance

It’s a single channel gateway. A not LoRaWAN compliant gateway.

Very bad for the ttn network and the users. Buy a multichannel (8) gateway. Read this.

Thanks a lot for fast response - understood.
Please let me add another question:
Can you recommend me a cost effective solution for the gateway (best would be with LTE connection)?
Ups, is it allowed to ask such questions here?

You could do worse for basic starter gw than a TTIG, a Dragino LPS8 or similar, or if interested in interogating/monitoring GW more a low end RAK developer GW, or if you want something midrange and quite resilient say a Laird RG1xxx type - use forum search to find laternates and others experience - just avoid SCPF/DCPF faux gw’s like the plague! With exception of TTIG (WiFi only) most of these will offer a choice of wireline or WiFi network connection from there you can go backhaul how you wish - I often use a 3g/4g WiFi-MiFi type dongle to provide backhaul - where I dont have direct internet access through a local router or an alternate hostsite WiFi - and they work fine :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think that the Dragino LSP8 will be my choice although it doesn’t have LTE (will add a LTE router)

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