Setting up Laird RG186 Gateway

In the past I have setup my Laird Gateway using the old V2 console, but I am now trying on the V3 console but cannot seem to figure out how to do it… is there up to date documentation somewhere to show the process.

I am not sure what mode to use, “TTN Forwarder” maybe? and if so what the “Gateway Key” is.

The gateway is no longer registered in the V2 console, and has had a factory reset.

Any advice appreciated…

That is an obsolete protocol no longer supported on TTN (CE) (also known as V3). If you want to keep the current firmware use the Semtech/UDP protocol forwarder. Better, upgrade the firmware to the newest version and choose BasicStation. A quick search of the forum should find the topics dealing with setting up BasicStation on a Laird gateway. Like this message.


The version info of the RG186 is: -

Software / Firmware Information

|Supplicant| sdcsupp v40.3.7.7|
|Build| Laird Linux gatwick-laird-|
|Hardware Chipset| 50 Workgroup Bridge|
|Firmware| ar6004 hw 3.0 fw api 5|

Under LoRa → Forwarder I have the following options: -

  1. Semtech Forwarder
  2. Loriot Forwarder
  3. TTN Forwarder
  4. MQTT Forwarder

Do I chose number 3? I see no mention of Basic Station.

I think the firmware is up to date

It can’t be as option 3 has been dropped from firmware builds some time ago. You need to upgrade to be able to use BasicStation.
If you don’t want to upgrade (upgrading can cause a factory reset in some cases) go for option 1, use (or nam1 or au1) as destination server with port 1700. Do not set secure connections to true in the TTN console for that gateway.

ok, thanks, I would like to upgrade… I tried again…

I go to Settings → Update Firmware

Firmware update URL: -

Start update: -

The firmware update has finished. Reboot for changes to take effect.

Downloading ‘fw.txt’ from to /tmp/fw.txt

Processing firmware-update-list *

Checking Bootstrap - update n/a

Checking Bootloader - update n/a

Checking Linux Kernel - overwriting

Updating kernel-a

(1s) erasing/writing_^OK

Checking Root Filesystem - overwriting

Updating rootfs-a (ubi)

(10s) erasing/writing__________^OK

Notifying update configuration server: update_pending

Awaiting reply…


Transfer system files - found transfer-list

mounted /dev/mtd6 at /mnt/alt_rootfs

rootfs-a: gatwick-laird-

warning - transfer-list file n/a: /tmp/alt_rootfs.transfer-list

copying to rootfs-a



? /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key

unmounted (ubi1 detached) /mnt/alt_rootfs



But the version stays at

Do I need to use another update URL?

ok… so…

page 39… says to use…

Now I have version

and LoRa → Forwarder shows: -

  1. Semtech UDP Forwarder
  2. Semtech Basics Station
  3. Senet DEV Forwarder
  4. Senet RAN Forwarder

So, I select option 2 ?

Yes and make sure to use the instructions on this forum to configure the software.

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OK, I’m now connected.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

A video tutorial from Erik Lins (Laird), might be helpful for other users.