Setting up Multitech Conduit Gateway for TTN

Just took delivery of a MultiTech MDOT node this morning. Need to work out how I"m going to configure it and set it up as node for testing

I failed miserably with the Libellium device on an Arduino.

it is a bit fiddly - you need to get an mBed account because that’s the dev environment.

If you tell mBed what platform you are using (multitech mdot) then it’ll take you to the right page with some sample code.

If you get stuck I can send you some code I’m using for my very simple light sensor (see our first end to end example here:


If I can get as far as your Light sensor I’ll me over the moon. I’ll start hacking either later tonight or tomorrow (or maybe the weekend while the wife is away).

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The mDot, as delivered from the factory can basically act as a LoRa modem using AT commands and this is the method outlined on the getting started guide.

And more info

The beauty of the mDot is being able to run your own code, a simple example with a temperature sensor is available at and can be imported into your own mbed space, node id updated and flashed to the mDot. This is assuming you also have the dev board in order to program the modules.


Andrew: so my mDot and developer board is working. I tried your program. It says here

uint8_t NetworkAddr[4]= {0x02,0x01,0x00,0x00}; // Our Network address or Node ID

Now I used a node id of 02990000 (which is free). How would I convert it into the right notation?


uint8_t NetworkAddr[4]= {0x02,0x99,0x00,0x00}; // Our Network address or Node ID

then look at

Which seems to already have a message there.


Thanks! That was indeed a message I sent using the Console (serial connection).
Now I need to get hold of a temperature sensor, as the mDot developer board seems to have none at all…

There are sample programs at
I suppose these won’t work anymore since we switched the gateway to TTN mode with a different AT command set?

Where do you plug in the DS18B20 Digitale temp sensor in the board?

And how does the TTN config relate to mosquitto exactly?

The DS18B20 has 3 pins, looking at it from the front (with the identification marks), the pins are Ground, Data and Power (3.3V).
You also need to connect a 4K7 resistor between data and Power. Have a quick google for DS18B20 and arduino, there are lots of example images showing the basic connection.

In my code, the data pin is connected to PA_5 which is pin 18 on the mDot and D13 on the dev board.



Despite the fact I can speak to the Mdot through USB and push At Commands, would I be correct in assuming the only way I can program it is to have the developer board?

I’ve got as far as compiling some code, I just don’t know how to get on to the MDot.


Hi Jim,

the easiest way is through the developer board, providing your mDot has the 8 way programming header installed. Not all variants do and I had to install this on those that didnt have it.
There is a much simpler programmer that mDot plugs into and it then plugs into a spare USB port but not sure if these are actually generally available yet.
There is a third method which is more the diy approach as it relies on obtaining another cheap mbed based board and using the st-link programmer from that. and is a method I’m currently looking at for future on board programming of mDot without removing them from the board.

The common thing with the above methods is they all rely on the st-link programmer appearing as a flash drive, the compiled code is then dropped onto the drive and it reflashes the mDot.




Can we move the mDot discussion to the node category and keep this thread focussed on the conduit?

EDIT: I’m not suggesting to move existing entries, just asking to start a new topic for new messages concerning the mDot. I think it would make it easier to find for new users as well as keep everyone tracking the gateway topic from getting notifications.

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it is related and wouldnt be the first time threads have gone wildly off topic.
Its something you cant really prevent. unless you want to move all the posts yourself.

I’ll start a new thread in the Nodes area.

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I think a lot of the information in this thread that is still relevant should ideally be put in the wiki pages. This thread is now too long to be of any use to anyone looking for useful information on setting up the Multitech Conduit. Same for information regarding other devices that would be useful for others, for example the mDots.


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How would one power an mDot without developer board?

Wrong thread, you’ll have the thread police chasing you.

Try this one

IMHO some sensible person should close this thread (and may be some others)


I agree. There is a wiki page for the gateways, who knows mDots, has time and is willing to create a wiki page?

Best regards,


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I configured my new Conduit using the Wiki instructions, but I’m having issues. The first issue is that my gateway is not listed at but the packet forward log doesn’t show any errors and is sending and receiving data. The second issue is that my mDot cannot join the network. When I revert back the default configuration (basic packet forward and run the network server) I can join the network.

  • How does a gateway get registered so it shows up in the list? What’s the trigger event?
  • The wiki says to comment out running the network server. Doesn’t that need to be running so your mDot can join the network?



My gateway finally registered with the network and is listed!!

I still can’t get my mDot to connect to the network. I’m able to join the network if I use the basic packet forward and local network server, but I when I change the configuration to use the poly packet forward the join always fails. Has anyone run into this issue? Or has successfully used a mDot to join a network?