Setup a LoRa Mote (RN2483) for TTN


Hi all,

We have two LoRa Motes we'd like to connect to TTN in Amsterdam. We are in range of the Deloitte gateway.

After setting the configuration parameters, we expect to type a send command like mac tx uncnf 1 AABBCC and see that message in the nodes API page, but we see other nodes' messages, not ours. Did we miss something?

As device address we've chosen 03:FF:81:23 which should be in the test range. Is that OK? Is there any filtering based on the addresses?

Below this post you'll find the list of commands we entered to the RN2483 modules to configure the node. Is that correct for TTN?


sys factoryRESET
.RN2483 1.0.0 Oct 23 2015 14:48:20
sys get hweui
mac set appskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C
mac set nwkskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C
mac set ch dcycle 0 9
mac set ch dcycle 1 9
mac set ch dcycle 2 9
mac set adr off
mac set devaddr 03ff8123
mac save
mac join abp
mac set dr 0
mac save

mac tx uncnf 1 AABBCC

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I can see that your version is '.RN2483 1.0.0 Oct 23 2015 14:48:20'
I recently bought a RN2483 but the sys get ver returns 'RN2483 0.9.5 Mar 24 2015 14:15:33'

Did you make the firmware upgrade yourself ? If yes, where did you took it from ?

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@ticapix Check this forum message and the messages following it. Watching the video a few messages down is advised...

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@Marten These is no need to save the settings every time. As your script is setting them anyway, just skip the save.

(Marten) #6

@kersing just set writeconfig=1 to 0 or comment the saving line


@Marten setting writeconfig to zero skips the reset as well. Would you consider adapting the second half of the script to read:

send("sys reset")
if writeconfig is 1:
  send("mac set nwkskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C")
  send("mac set appskey 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C")
  send("mac set devaddr "+devaddr)
  send("mac set adr on")
  send("mac save")

send("mac join abp")

while True:
  ## maybe add cputmp here on a pi
  send("mac tx uncnf 1 "+msg)

To provide a better example?

(Marten) #8

done! please check :smile:

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Seem to have the same type of problem here.
Th Rn2483 node works fine. It says that joining was accepted, sending data message gives a max_tx_ok, but I can't seem to find my test data in the overview (nodes API page).

Anyone making progress on this matter ?


A join abp/accept does not mean you've exchanged data with a gateway, it just means the rn2483 accepted your settings. You are probably out of range of the existing gateways.
The same applies when sending unconfirmed. In Groningen westerly gateways are connected to both TTN and semtech, this means acknowledged transmission should work (semtech will acknowledge)

I've used RN2483 successfully for both TTN and semtech with the gateway in Hoornse Meer. That gateway has a range of about 1km as it is indoors.
(It will not reach the industrial estate at the other side of the A7)

(Eric Bakker) #11

hi kersing,

Ahhh, that explains a lot, thnx !
That means I will stuff my test equipment in my car and setup a test in Hoornse meer (just a 10minute drive).

I will let you know the results :smile:

(Eric Bakker) #12

I have managed to send data to TTN and see it appear in the TTN API.
For now my hardware test looks fine. For some reason I could not perform a OTA join and also the ACK's are not working.

I tested it at a GW location nearby, but perhaps I need to test it again at the GW you mentioned. Hopefully next wek our own GW is up-n-running, making more thourough testing easier.


TTN does not support ACK and OTA join. The Hoornse Meer gateway is connected to semtech als well, it should provide ACK. For OTA you need to create an account on the semtech demo site and register the node, I don't think this is required for ACK if you use the semtech keys.

Edit: You will need to set RX2, see this message

(Eric Bakker) #14

Hi kersing,
Thnx again.
This year ( :smile: ) I won't manage it to test it. Next year I will continue and try to use the semtech server (and will do a test drive to Hoornse meer).

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I will be grateful if you can tell us which program do you use to run this script.


That script is Python code.

(Jack Volley) #17

I am trying to connect my rn2483-node to a singe-channel-packet-forwarder (RPi + Dragino LoRa Hat).
I'm sending the commands using the LoRaSuite to the RN2483 module.
I'm using the commands below:

mac get deveui -> this device EUI is set on the TTN application as device eui
mac set appkey & mac set appeui based on the values from the ttn application page
mac join otaa -> ends with an access denied or no_free_channels (or even busy)

It seems that our node also hasn’t been able to activate itself, since its status is still ‘never seen’. When I run the node.js application to see if something is ativated, it also never shows up.
In the node.js application we can connect to the application, but the device activation doesn't seem to happen. Even when the mac join OTAA returns accepted (not often).

Anyone an ID on how to resolve these problems and connect the RN2483 to the Gateway/TTN and see this in the node.js application?


update your RN2483 firmware to version 1.0.1 ?

(Jack Volley) #19

The current version is 1.0.1, so that's not the problem.