[Solved] IC880A Status not connected

So what’s wrong :cry::cry::cry::cry::sob::sob::sob:

The command sudo tcpdump -AUq port 1700 -v , how much of time let it ? i had let it 10 minutes but no answer :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


  • how do you power your RPI + IMST board, could also be a insufficient current prob ?
  • at what pin did you configure the reset for the imst board
  • can you do a sudo gpioall

Hi @Skmark,

It looks to me like the software is running correctly but can’t find the concentrator (the ic880a).

Have the got the following in /boot/config.txt ?
This activates the SPI bus on the RPi.

Have you added the reset pin option in the file /lib/systemd/system/ttn-packet-forwarder.service ?
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/packet-forwarder --reset-pin 25 --config /root/.pktfwd.yml start
This sets the reset pin from the software default to be 25.

If you need to change either of these then please reboot the RPi afterwards.

Yes the SPI is Enabled Screenshot_20190604-162910

@BoRRoZ my Charger Have a 3A current i don’t think is insufficient


Guys it work Thanks for Help :grin::grin::grin::grin:Gateway

changed the reset pin and / or rebooted a few times ?

i changed all the cable and it work

I Have an other Problem why in my profile i see 0 gateways ? But in console i have 1 ?



yes there is a slight delay… let it run a couple of hours (days)

btw… adjust your altitude
do you have a node yourself ? … looks like there are not many around you to test your gateway

Why in ("" Last seen “”) it counts from 2 up to 32 seconds after it comes back to count from 2 is it normal ?


its updated every 30 seconds

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