SX1308 - GW platform for less that $100?

There are no shop listings, you need to contact RisingHF directly.

Prices get close to $100 after 50 units - even less if you buy more.

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Maybe we can ‘crowd-buy’ some dozen units? :wink:

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@Epyon I’d be up for it :slight_smile:

and how to connect/control it :wink:

Indeed, anyone has a working gateway based on this RHF0M301 (@jmarcelino, @tperfitt ?)

But getting off-topic now, maybe create a “Crowd buy & build RHF0M301 based gateway” :slight_smile:
or first continue in Has anyone tried the RisingHF gateway boards?

I’ve had 2 gateways on RHF0M301 (driven by Raspberry Pi) running since October and another 8 currently in different stages of testing (driven by NanoPi NEOs - using my custom adapter board)

The thought of a crowd buy did come to mind but with the SX1308 just a few weeks away maybe it’s worth waiting a little bit.

In case of a crowd buy I’ll be in for at least three modules.

Has anyone seen this.
Not sure if it uses the SX1308?

I’m in for 10 pc.

Source code for SX1308 is released at /PicoGW…
To make a ultra low cost, yet complete 8-channel gateway.
SX1308 is basically a SX1301 with new commands to limit the power and be able to design a USB powered gateway.

The PicoGW platform uses a STM32 MCU running the lora-gateway-HAL and using USB-CDC interface (virtual com port) to connect to the (linux) host.

USB support was removed in the lora-gateway project because of the delays or latencies at SPI level using the FTDI SPI-to-USB translator. Now the use of USB happen at higher layer, delays are less critical.


Any news on this topic? :wink:

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With the released source code I hope some companies will release new boards with the SX1308 chip soon.

Are there any boards with the SX1308 out yet or does someone have more information about upcoming GWs?

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Any updates yet? It looks like prices for both gateway boards in single qty’s as well as e.g. rfm95’s didn’t change that much compared to a year ago.

gateways like this will for about $100 very soon

Oops… It seems that if LoRa geolocation doesn’t work well there will be no room for telco giants in LoRaWAN business. And at the moment LoRa geolocation doesn’t work well.

as if every use case need geolocation info … :innocent:

Exactly :wink: All hail TTN :slight_smile:

Can the LoRa Picocell GW be purchased today?

Oh that would be very nice.


I gather not. Thanks for the help.