SX1308 - GW platform for less that $100?

any news on this?

google gave me nothing interesting

LoRa-Based Picocell Gateway Dongle

The Semtech LoRa-based picocell gateway dongle can easily connect via a USB port to a Linux or Windows based processor, which are most commonly used by LoRaWAN gateway developers. The Windows GUI streamlines the network connection without an additional board. This tool is expected to accelerate adoption of IoT technology into next-generation smart applications. Beyond the initial prototype phase, several LoRa Alliance™ members offer compatible commercial, production-grade network servers and picocell gateway products. The device is currently available with Linux support, and Windows support will be available by early-2018.

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Hi, does anyone have working link for downloading picogw UI for windows?
this link does not work for me.

Did someone here tried to compile picoGw?
I have few problems with it.

I can read chip ID but only every second time.
I can almost start packet forwarder (some time - mostly it just stops at beginning)
When it starts it reports
“failed to start concentrator”

hi @mistery

where did you get your SX1308 based platform?
can you post a link for the shop?

I am using RAK831 and STM32F104 nucleo board

and here is my repo where STM can communicate with board, but I still have problems - or fails to start concentrator or does not receive messages.


RAK831 have SX1301, are you sure that firmware for SX1308 will work?

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I am not :slight_smile:
But should be easy to get it work…

We (n-fuse, a software and electronics company) have announced our SX1308 based concentrator card recently. We plan to offer it in shape of a pluggable USB dongle in metal enclosure similar to Semtech’s reference design as well.

Concentrator card product page.


Any luck finding a development board based on the SX1308? Thanks all.

One option discussed in recent days - no experience of it personally though I’m sure @will3509111 will happily sell you one :slight_smile:

If I use the FTDI SPI-to-USB translator for the connection of MCU to 1301, What is the influence of latencies or delays?

The Heltec pico gateway is available now

this GW its not based on a SX1308 and its 470 Mhz.

Hi all,
does anybody of you managed to get a PicoCell reference design USB-LoRa-Concentrator from SEMTECH?
The sales department of SEMTECH always refers me to wholesalers who do not have the USB module and I could not find an article number.
The USB-GW was real cool for PoC and debugging and I got hands on it at ‘The Things Conference’ this year. But we would love to have two or three of these devices.

Real hard to get LoRa-Hardware in Germany, at least for us…

Best regards,
Robert / Plumbum

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I will receive a Heltec pico gateway soon. see my message 19 days ago

Miromico also sells pico gateway reference design

Hi @nestorayuso the Heltec is only available with 433/470MHz at the moment. 868 and 915 are planed/advertised but not in stock. For Germany we need the 868MHz EU-ISM-Version.
The SEMTECH Picocell was a very easy solution for rapid prototyping and debugging in Amsterdam, but sadly it is not for sale somehow…

You can use our n-fuse LoRaWAN Concentrator Card mPCIe LRWCCx-868-mpcie together with this:

And you have a PicoGW

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But not available until ‘Q3’ right?