SX1308 - GW platform for less that $100?

If I use the FTDI SPI-to-USB translator for the connection of MCU to 1301, What is the influence of latencies or delays?

The Heltec pico gateway is available now

this GW its not based on a SX1308 and its 470 Mhz.

Hi all,
does anybody of you managed to get a PicoCell reference design USB-LoRa-Concentrator from SEMTECH?
The sales department of SEMTECH always refers me to wholesalers who do not have the USB module and I could not find an article number.
The USB-GW was real cool for PoC and debugging and I got hands on it at ‘The Things Conference’ this year. But we would love to have two or three of these devices.

Real hard to get LoRa-Hardware in Germany, at least for us…

Best regards,
Robert / Plumbum

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I will receive a Heltec pico gateway soon. see my message 19 days ago

Miromico also sells pico gateway reference design

Hi @nestorayuso the Heltec is only available with 433/470MHz at the moment. 868 and 915 are planed/advertised but not in stock. For Germany we need the 868MHz EU-ISM-Version.
The SEMTECH Picocell was a very easy solution for rapid prototyping and debugging in Amsterdam, but sadly it is not for sale somehow…

You can use our n-fuse LoRaWAN Concentrator Card mPCIe LRWCCx-868-mpcie together with this:

And you have a PicoGW

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But not available until ‘Q3’ right?

I hope we can be quicker, will report actual production dates as soon as I have them.

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