The BARGAIN basement part 4

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Weather / Meteorological Balloon sales

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TTGO Micro-32 - ESP32-Pico-D4 module



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New: TTGO LoRa32 V2.1


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more little switches from ALI and eBay

These switches:


remind me of my first computer:


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I made bad experience with 5V POE splitter. Most of them I tested have far below 5V output.
My conclusion is, that I use splitter with 12V output and place a variable 5V step-down after it.

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tnx for the tip, I was also wondering ’ how come that the advised RPI power supplies are 2A and these POE splitters a lot less, doesn’t that give problems ?

Impressive tool at a bargain - but of course still high - price
Battery powered Spectrum Analyzer, VNA, Power meter, Cable Analyzer, Signal generator and very complex LTE over the air analysis 100 kHz to 4Ghz

They also stock much cheaper ones but with accuracy or other problems (they do describe the problem) e.g.

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