The BARGAIN basement part 4

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I bought one a year ago. Not the Davis quality but it depends what you want or need.


US $4.00 incl. shipping



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I have a related question about outdoor project enclosures.

Does anyone use the waterproof Wiska junction boxes for mcu+meteosensor projects? They are from German so shipping should be fast to Belgium (opposed to China orders). Are they good enough?



you can buy on eBay germany also 
 if you select right they ship from germany
I do that sometimes when I need to avoid taxes

or a german shop



The WORKBENCH part 2





€ 125,00 (BTW incl.)

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English only in those forums please :joy: :wink:


 you’re right !

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I have used these enclosures (about 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm or so) which I get from my local electrical wholesaler, only a couple of €€ each.
These are a good quality IP67 (IIRC) rated enclosure with a wall mount bracket and terminal strip included. Cover is easily opened/closed with cam 1/4 turn cam fasteners and each of the cnock-outs reveals a threaded hole to suit PG glands.

Easily sourced in Ireland if you are stuck or need any quantity let me know?


$20 for this cool thing, want to change the RFM69CW by some wiring and got LoRa button :wink:











other cable sizes

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Watch out for fire hazard

TTGO LoRa32 V2.1-1.6 purchased on eBay

New message from: seatechnolgy_4 Sep-10-18 19:03

“Since V2.1-1.5 was upgraded to V2.1-1.6 version, due to negligence during the modification, the problem of charging circuit was not found. Today we found it after testing.”


New message from: seatechnolgy_4

Diode components should be used on the charging circuit. We used a fuse. The diode is energized in one direction, but the fuse is bidirectional, which cause the USB voltage directly accessing to the battery. After a long time charged, the battery is hot or burned, so please you mustn’t use this V2.1-1.6 version to charge the battery! ! ! (Note: The board can be powered by battery, but we mustn’t charge the battery when the battery is connected to the board, mustn’t charge! mustn’t charge! mustn’t charge!)
If you want to use this V2.1-1.6 version to charge the battery, you need to replace the fuse in the picture with a diode(BS5819 SOD123 with 1A current), then the charging function return to be normal.



This is the Bargain basement right? :wink:

For a more normally (lower) priced RAK831 (still not a true bargain though) check here:

Which was mentioned here: The BARGAIN basement part 3