The BARGAIN basement part 4

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Yes I was told the black ones from that vendor are ESD safe but I didn’t verify it myself - better ask the vendor first.

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Yup. I really meant lots of little parts :rofl:





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Yuck, I wouln’t touch a PCB with that.
The man on the picture soldering the PCB is dressed like a carpenter. :wink:



Nice, another ‘xCurrent’ device.


  • BNC out.
  • Insulated terminals.
  • Increased dynamic range (204%) when external power source is connected.
    Note: similar increase of dynamic range (but to 180%) is also possible with uCurrent Gold.
  • White case (but that’s just my personal opinion).

Like less/not:

  • Increasing of dynamic range requires external power supply.
    Update: according to its designer dynamic range can also be increased via a jumper.
  • Looks: less posh, just green PCB and no gold. :slightly_smiling_face:
    From the picture: type of screws (they look sunken head types that are not sunken).

Like the original uCurrent Gold, it lacks an auto-ranging option.
A difficulty with xCurrent devices that support auto-ranging is that a scope is unaware of range switches so scope traces do not correctly represent the measured values (when range switches have occurred) and you will not be able to determine from a trace if and where range switches have occurred.



car (antenna) mounts -








Custom Cable Assemblies

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Designer of the device here.
Thx for wrapping up!
Just some comments:

Yes, the screws are not that nice. I’m thinking of getting non sunken ones, unfortunately these came with the enclosure.

You double the dynamic range even w/o external power supply. You can change the ratio of the voltage divider via a jumper wire on J6.


The product page (only) shows: “@5.5V VDD (from external power source)”.
I assume that adjusting the ratio via the jumper also impacts (lowers) resolution?

Suggestion: a nice and simple option would be to include an extra battery holder (on the PCB) for a second 3V button cel to increase supply voltage to 6V and have the increased dynamic range standard by (optionally) placing a second battery.


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