The hard RAK831 cafe part 2


Ah, I understand now about the GPS, you use an interfaceboard with a ublox module already soldered to it. Apparently the rx-tx are already connected to the Rasberry because you can read the NMEA messages. I used a mini interface board made by Charles There is no GPS module footprint on it and also in the LoRaGW-setup repository I did not see anything about a GPS or PPS signal. So I have to findout to which points I have to connect (Rx&)Tx of the Ublox module and about anything in the software for GPS/PPS .

(Martin Sloup) #145

Here is the RAK831 converter board schema.

In my case it’s running on ttyS0, so I had to add GPS port to MP forwarder configuration:

    "gateway_conf": {
        "fake_gps": false,
        "gps": true,
        "gps_tty_path": "/dev/ttyS0"


Your posts are very helpfull .
So … I connected a PPS signal to the dedicated UFL socket on the RAK831 board.
Unfortunatly the timing offset/drift messages (up to 350uS) stays in my journalctl . I used a script to install the packet-forwarder so now I have to dig to find where I need to edit some files to enable the GPS.

As this is a hardware topic I will have to open a new topic about how to connect a GPS module to the ch2i interface board and how to adapt the install scripts.

(Steve Beale) #147

i have just received tyhe new board the jumper as in photo

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Hi I’m running the RAK 831 gateway and need to test in a place where I don’t have internet access. I was wondering if there is a way to see information of the arriving packets. I’m mainly interested in the RSSI and if the packet is accepted as a valid packet.
My RAK 831 is currently setup to connect to the TTN network but I don’t have an internet connection in the place where I go. Its a tunnel.

Thank you in advance for your reply.