The LIBRARY basement part 10

Rotterdam sends hyper-smart container on trip around the world

BIG BROTHER EU … :cold_sweat:

Yep, recognise/ack some of this too…though you boys have a few years on me ! :wink:

Very Douglas Adams :slight_smile:

Remember what just happened to such lamp posts in HK …with surveillance included! :wink:

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Crazy that ’ THE EU’ want to control lampposts in every nation … they can’t be trusted, they allready have trackers AND microphones in every new car sold.


see how they avoid the word ’ AI video surveillance system ’ , they call it ’ image sensing ’ and all the gadgets aroud the camera’s are just to ‘sell’ , they want what the Chinese allready have.


Programme should have been smothered at birth (if statement not too offensive!), bad tech choices, over engineered, over priced gravy train for some, not future proofed, meters with ‘kill switch’ help circumvent civil protections -let alone bring risk of “accidental” cut off, keep refusing to have one fitted (gas or electric) and regularly advise others to avoid like the plague!..

Good news being push out/delayed bad news inevitable increase in cost to us consumers…industry will just find ways to pass on…

link is not working ?

worked for me just now - firefox (esr) - - link to the 42 Puzzel embedded in article…also reposting as I see system has added spurious characters…

If I click on ‘42’ …

Its strange ‘the system’ seems to be adding spurious characters:


Where if you link directly from the Douglas Adams entry it opens cleanly - suspect its cutting & pasting the ’ character that is the issue

Correct link is (https:// prefix)’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy#42_Puzzle

Called out in Para 6 f the “Hitchhikers Guide…” portion of the D_A entry

“The books formed the basis for other adaptations, such as three-part comic book adaptations for each of the first three books, an interactive text-adventure computer game, and a photo-illustrated edition, published in 1994. This latter edition featured a 42 Puzzle designed by Adams, which was later incorporated into paperback covers of the first four Hitchhiker’s novels (the paperback for the fifth re-used the artwork from the hardback edition).[28]

And, of course, for anyone playing catch up 42 & the Diophantine Equation from a few days ago: :wink:

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:rofl: DIY car conversion … cheap