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MSFT to again offer paid support (security fixes vs new features) for Win7 after EoL next year - at a cost (escalating), in programme similar to Win XP…what I wonder is if MSFT went to the trouble of creating such fixes for XP why didnt they ever do a bulk release - perhaps with a delay (3mo, 6Mo or what ever) for the poor sods in general environment vs corporate deep pockets or public sector (not spending their own money but ours) - looking at you NHS & various police forces!, who were forced to continue with XP perhaps because of other legacy s/w or hardware not supported under Win 7 or later? Guess they are as unlikely to do that for future Win7 ‘updates’ either…would be of social benefit (stops many perfectly good but older bits of kit going to landfill) and help some in society who cant afford to buy new kit…perhaps someone should unleash eco-warrior Greta in their direction! :slight_smile: No doubt they figure holding updates back acts as a big stick to help push punters to latest and greatest data slurping mechanisms… :frowning:

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recorded livestream conference 3 oct. 2019


I think low power wide area networks (LPWANs)have been mis-named, the most important thing isn’t the low power, it’s the low cost. Perhaps we should be talking about LCWAN instead because cost to me is just as, if not more, important than power consumption to achieve scale.

  • Lawrence Latham is the chief executive of Everynet, the provider of wholesale LoRaWAN networks

IoT NOW volume 9 issue 3 PDF

from LoRa Alliance 2018 end of year report PDF

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