The LIBRARY basement part 10

LoRa is used for wireless communications between modules, giving them excellent range.
Modules are also capable of sharing configuration changes with other modules in the field, making it easy to control a large battery of cameras without having to manually run around changing settings on each one.


Hopefully not another one sided deal such as the US/UK extradition treaty…they get our people, but not the otherway around (stated simply…there are complexities/subtleties as with any legal agreement, but very one sided!)

deep FAKE’s are getting better and better


15 Tesla Semi electric trucks to replace diesel trucks at Pepsi facility

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Make your own custom LEDs using hot glue :ghost:

E3D Tool Changer Partially Reviewed

Crosswalk Art

testing the output is important :cocktail::maté:

18650 Cell database


AI Recognizes And Locks Out Murder Cats

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