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Paris’ beautiful park benches are also smart, thanks to IoT devices

Thanks, as always, @BoRRoZ for the link to an interesting article on AI and CTOs.

From my experience in industry this misses at least one elephant in the room.

Current safety-critical systems are composed of dumb machines and intelligent humans. The machines have been built using safety-certified products and are factory-tested and then commissioned on site and are periodically maintained to keep certification. The humans are trained and tested for competence and are periodically re-trained and re-tested to keep competence.

This combination - dumb machines and intelligent humans - is accepted for overall safety-certification and that safety-certification enables the assets to be insured and risk and liability to be managed.

Enter intelligent machines… how can any authority test them, commission them and then certify them as safe and competent?

At present the safety people, the insurers and the risk and liability managers will not accept any AI without retaining a “human in the loop”.

Back to the article… I think that CTOs have a lot more to consider than the matters raised in the article.


true … the safety structures ’ are way behind and the technology is So complex that we 'have to ’ rely on AI algorithms which are in the hands of a few big names.

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