The LIBRARY basement part 3

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Interesting “Everyman” experiment looking at Lithium battery chemistry/type, capacity, internal resistance, characteristics and application.

Clearly not examining a long life low powered application such as a smart end device but a good demonstration of the different strengths of the battery types…



“The more you are using deep indoor water meters or asset tracking that doesn’t move, the better you with LoRa. The more you have objects that move everywhere in the world, where you need voice and energy savings aren’t that critical, then the better off you are with LTE-M.”



server in a box


( I really need this one :yum: )



Just came across this - looks like a great resource:








Security of WiFi enabled IoT devices is utterly broken, and with it all WiFi networks that host them. The KRACK exploit can only be fixed if both the access point and all connected client implement the WPA2 fix (which is currently only a workaround). If there is a device connected to the AP that still runs the old WPA2 stack, the connection can be hijacked and the network is vulnerable for attacks from the inside. And seeing how up to date most IoT stacks are… Every WiFi IoT device is a possible attack vector from now on :open_mouth: .


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