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Raspberry Pi Based Parking Assist






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mapper console

TTN Mapper now available through the console ! (see integrations)










Take care this node red update need reconfiguration of your flow, old ttn node will disapaers, you need to add the new one and wire back to other node red node. Also dont forget do add discovery server in ttn app node.

worth mentioning this point. But do this and it goes straightforward, thanks @johan for the update


Official documentation

Getting uplink metadata using Node-RED "ttn device" or "ttn message" nodes


This actually brings me to some research I did recently to compare IoT communication technologies. There isn’t one that fits all use cases, and we should not try solving everything with LoRa because that is what we know. Rather than finding a use case that fits LoRa, one should take a use case and find a suitable communication solution that fits it.


Creating a Web API in Node-RED - part 1
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Building a web server from Node-RED



KEYNOTE Thomas Telkamp (LACUNA) - LoRaWAN from Space


johanstokking- keynote

KEYNOTE Johan Stokking (tech lead & co-founder) - Why, How and What’s Next



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