The LIBRARY basement part 4




@Charles Raspberry PI Zero RAK831 Lora Gateway Shield !


this one is especially for tech daddy @rocketscream … a lorawan potty trainer for your store ?
but then you have to write a low power potty library !





And of course:



(Jac Kersing) #385

Reason not to buy a 3D printer: You already need an additional 24hours in a day to complete all ongoing projects…


Correct, I have one (mounted and assembled), and already spend lot of hours on it to assemble, so now, doing nothing, why?

  • finding the correct firmware for the arduino mega used
  • flash, test, read doc, sometime change things in firmware
  • finding the correct settings (software, mechanical part, end switch , …)
  • learn and choose the correct front end software and settings to put into
  • test, trash, test trash, test looks working
  • learn 3D software
  • and I probably missed some other stuff

Enough? may be after a full week full time on it I will be an happy user, but, well, don’t have this time to play with no guaranty of success

It’s this one


LoRa and LoRaWAN Testbeds: a Review (pdf)

LoRa Scalability: A Simulation Model Based on Interference Measurements (pdf)




(Phil Wilko) #391

@BoRRoZ, never mind rage against autonomous cars, how about rage against the TheThingsNetwork!
Or perhaps its just rage against IOT in general…!

Another interesting article, that gives the non-tech view of IOT.


21 March 2018 - DUTCH referendum about the Intelligence and Security Services Act ( the ’ dragnet )

but the intelligence the EU is gathering about its citizens is also implemented in every new car starting this month.

are we sleeping ?



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