The LIBRARY basement part 4

Increase of IoT data will put even more demands on DNS infrastructure.
The legacy DNS solutions based on BIND and derivatives will be unable to keep up with the real-time requirements of IoT applications.

HackSpace Issue #3 pdf


We’re gearing up for The Things Conference next week, February 1st to 3rd in Amsterdam.

If you still haven’t had the chance to get a ticket yet - we’ve got you covered. There are 70 Community Passes left, giving you access to the 3rd and final day of the conference.

This is the day for you to network, share and learn from the community as well as each other.

In addition to main stage speakers and workshops, there will be an Unconference, where attendees can become part of the program.

How to get the tickets?

  1. Grab your one-day pass here - before they run out
  2. Apply here to give a workshop/discussion/talk on your favourite topic


happy to see all those new TTN gateways coming to life - @ttn_gateways

I attended one of James’ IoT sessions live. Great speaker.

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Visit to the Sonoff factory


sneek peak @ the conference


TTN contibuters

TTN is proud of the conference contributors !

Jac ready

almost ready ! :sunglasses:

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All who are joining The Things Conference make sure to join the SLACK #conference channel to get all latest updates.

THURSDAY - feb 1 conference schedule

FRIDAY - feb 2 conference schedule

SATURDAY - feb 3 conference schedule


one of the excellent workshops during The Things Conference