The LIBRARY basement part 5



As an example of Kerlink’s competitive pricing for connectivity, the single-contract package needed to cover the city of Chicago with approximately 20 long-range iBTS 64 Highway gateways would be less than $150 per month each. This offer would include the gateways, their accessories and pre-staging, Kerlink’s Wanesy™ Management Center, customer support, warranties and insurance for the duration of the contract.



Here’s everything Apple unveiled at its biggest conference of the year







What is new in LoRaWAN 1.1 - webinair

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Quoting the author:

I know it’ll engender a lot of bad rep with the old-timers

He’s right with that – there is nothing wrong by just using vi on the Pi…






nice RAK design

The WORKBENCH part 1
The LIBRARY basement part 4






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Nice case…guess I will just have to buy(*) one…or two ( :wink: ) to add to my frames & 3d printed cases. Pre built @$199 (+shipping) per your other Bargain post nice deal c/w buying say KiT 7 (868Mhz) + case + shipping + DIY, but cant help but wonder if iMST Lite GW still better deal as smaller volume/lower height case <edit: perhaps not as need to check visuals & dimensions more closely> and quicker dely with slightly better price ($/€/£ Exchange rate variable/marginal!) if you don’t need GPS - nice ‘extra’ on RAK - as is CE/RED where RAK still pending for CE? Opinions anyone?

(*) Just wrapping up some initial 831 builds and was thinking of placing a new order…now no excuse for delay!




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