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WAZIUP - Open Innovation Platform for IoT Big data in Sub Sahara
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Sometimes the world turns up true gentlemen (and ladies of course) helpful people like @BoRRoZ, @Charles and this guy too, G6EJD who publishes ESP stuff on his channel on YouTube.
I casually asked him if he thought it would be possible for a super low powered, LoRaWAN connected semi smart signage solution to leverage the power of a person’s phone by writing a QR code to an ePaper display. I have this in the tech specification of a proposal I have written but had no idea how to do it. The important word in that sentence was “if” but he went the whole way and published a tutorial on “how”.

The concept is that URL’s can be called from memory or even sent to a remote low powered node which can create and write QR codes and then sleep. What a helpful guy, looks like this is staying in my specification now!


wow tnx… :blush:

nice vid… and G6EJD has more nice vids on his channel



release note for release A1-0-17

This release will be deployed on Wednesday June 27th 2018 at 10:00 CEST.
No breaking changes but we added V2 endpoints on location & recipes queries to make them more consistent, and allow a single query to be send to any endpoint with the same JSON structure.
It should be a big step forward to your software simplification.

We will maintain the V1 API but we encourage you to switch to V2, as we still are in private preview we might stop them soon.

Collos_release_note-A1-0-17.pdf (404.6 KB)




open source Swimming Pool Water Sensor







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and all the MagPi issues

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Indeed :slight_smile:
Of course to support the foundation please buy in dead tree form or digital subscription…free download links posted for forum user convenience not to be cheapskates! :slight_smile:

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The BBC Micro - A great piece of (British & World) computing history…and a nostalgia trip for greybeards/nerds everywhere :slight_smile:

Mines still in the loft! :wink:

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Somewhere in the attic for me…

Their emulator is fun with the floppy noise, …
Couldn’t resist playing a Space Invadors game!