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As a child, nobody really listens to you. Everyone takes you for granted because you’re a 5 year old kid. But you know what? The computer took my commands very seriously. It did everything I asked it to do and that’s how, as a child, I felt empowered by using the computer.





Industrial Grade mini PCIe LoRaWAN Gateway Card








Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System




Mbed OS 5.9.7 released
this is the last patch release for mbed-os-5.9.


Ultra Low Cost Air Quality Monitoring with LoRaWAN and The Things Network

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Here is a more expensive version of an Air Quality Monitoring system called Thingy:AQ. This one was designed for the US EPA Wildland Fire Sensor Challenge that was open to all. The goal of the system is to help first responders know when the area is too hazardous to safely fight these fires. The US EPA awarded Thingy:AQ second place in the challenge. The system comprises a central logging site and multiple remote sensor nodes, each monitoring particulates, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone. The system
uses both LoRa and LoRaWAN to transmit data from the nodes to the central site.


Above: The system as received by the EPA for 6 months of testing in gas chambers and in the field


Above: The proud parents, two guys in a garage.

A link to an EPA video discussing the challenge EPA Challenge overview and results

A link to a blog giving more details Thingy:AQ Blog

It was all made possible by developing and testing using TheThingsNetwork and the amazingly active user forum and endless prototyping with all sorts of nodes and gateways.


cool RPI projector

more YT novaspirit video’s
* thinking 'a gateway projector that displays sensor graphs on your wall/table/hand ? :thinking: