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LoRaWAN Feinstaubsensor

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I agree completely and have bought some Pycom product to compliment stuff I am doing to learn Python using other micro controllers, mostly ESPs. That said, I wouldn’t have given C++/Arduino/LMIC a look-in ulness it was a comprehensive and working library I could blunder my way through. I hold out much hope for a community built LoRaWAN stack for the uPython habitat.

Sorry that I have nothing to bring to that game but am out of the blocks early to learn Python in the hope that something is coming. Happy to plod around with Pycom and Atom/Pymakr which really is quite slick and so much less “boiler plate” feel than Arduino/C++. Just my 2c however








’ next year all eyes will be on Wi-Fi 6 as the standard approaches ratification



5G represents a further splintering or fragmenting of the IoT wireless space. Many existing low-power wide-area technologies – such as LoRa, Cat M1 and Narrowband IoT – are being deployed today. “5G, which will only be ratified in 2019, with IoT at a lower priority, can serve as a distraction for operators looking to solve problems today,” Collins said.



you get the picture :wink:

RF 2 LoRaWAN bridge


Smart lie-detection system to tighten EU’s busy borders


Adding TLS Sockets to Mbed OS


possible use case from @johanstokking 's talk at #gotober :

controlling banana riping from green to yellow in transit.