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The blast off… is back on.

Dear Hiber family and friends,

So, we’re ‘super stoked’ to announce the launch of HiberTwo is back on. Along with our Launch Party at Hiber HQ.

The confirmed launch window is Wednesday 28th November, 19:32 CET from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. If all goes to plan (fingers, toes and everything else crossed), the party can get started!

After all the late nights, hard work and the last minute delay, when HiberTwo finally does blast off we’re going to have a real blast, too. We’ll be cracking open the beers and loading up on tasty nibbles from 18:00 local Dutch time. With a payload of corks popping when SpaceX finally launches with our baby satellite onboard.

We can’t wait for all our Hiber family, friends, partners and fellow Hibernauts to join us.

Your fellow Hibernauts




You can watch the launch live on


is there any link with ? ( )


No, link to that, it is a own system with deply off IoT over the whole world, once a day a message from 144 byte. And if they got more satelitte’s in to the space you can get more messge’s a day.









Versatile LoRa device – sensor interface



In a historic launch scheduled for Wednesday, SpaceX will hoist 64 satellites at once, the most significant number for a single mission on US ground. Eight of the satellites on board a Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base will be from companies hoping to build a truly global Internet of Things (IoT)