The LIBRARY basement part 8


Dragino LoRaWAN GPS Tracker LGT-92 is an open source GPS tracker






Python and C Blended Programming on ESP32 and Zerynth



Cheap Power Over Ethernet For The ESP32

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(Jeff Uk) #569

Have seen multiple stories in recent days covering the QuarigaCX story - and conspiracy theories - but this story looks at wider digital currency context and resiliance/death proofing!

Bitcoin’s death problem: how billions of pounds worth of crypto assets are being lost when people die





ESP32 Server and Many ESP8266 Clients Controlled over WiFi



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Not the first time I have 'fessed up to not being a programmer (by any stretch of imagination!) or how much more intuitive and less verbose Python and Micropython is in a “boiler plate” sense than the Arduino IDE, the place where I found myself blundering along by default. I am easily distracted by developments that appear to make my plight a little easeir.

Watching the evolution of Adafruit’s Circuit Python to Version 4 (beta), contenders to the ESP32 in this space such as the Nordic NRF52840 finding uses in dev-boards such as a trend-setter like Adafruit’s Feather and the rapid build and availability of decent libraries gives me hope. Are we seeing the birth of a new standard of development environment, a new “normal” so to speak? We appear to be close to having the basic conveniences (libraries and environment/tools) to turn the tide in this direction, or am I getting a bit ahead of myself?

I have no reason barring personal ease of use to comment on this but watch this through from the perspective of somebody with very basic programming skills and consider where this is and possible trajectory.


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