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Cypress is a well known manufacturer of FRAM. They acquired Ramtron International in 2012. With Infineon’s acquisition of Cypress we may soon see ‘FRAM by Infineon’.

Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM, F-RAM or FeRAM) is a non-volatile random-access memory type that offers functionality similar to Flash memory.
Compared to Flash memory FRAM has lower power usage, faster write performance and much greater read/write endurance, up to 10^14 cycles. Writing to memory happens as fast as reading and reading and writing can be done per byte (no need to erase a block of bytes first, before writing).

To give an impression of 10^14 cycles: if a value would be written to the exact same memory address 1000 times per second (which in practice, for most use cases will never come near) that can be continuously repeated for 3179 years before the memory cells at that address will wear out!

FRAM is ideal for battery-powered (LoRaWAN) IoT devices when data needs to be frequently persisted to non-volatile storage (where it can survive deep-sleep and power cycles).
I2C FRAM (the models with I2C interface) is quite easy to add to existing setups/designs as it interfaces via I2C which can be shared with existing I2C components/sensors without requiring additional IO ports.



The Sentrius IG60 is a wireless IoT gateway that connects Bluetooth sensors and legacy serial equipment to the Cloud, offering secure out-of-the-box connectivity for gathering actionable IoT intelligence. The IG60 is available in two variants, one built around easy and secure integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT using AWS IoT Greengrass, and the other with Laird Connectivity’s Linux environment.

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