The LIBRARY basement part 9


new voice chips that make voice commands without internetconnection possible



Wi-Fi 6





solar panel powered gateway structure for semi-permanent installs.
for more info contact @jmarcelino






hmm… still working here :thinking:






(Remko) #720

Not here:

(Jeff Uk) #721

May the Fourth be with you (another special day?!)…and sleep peacefully Chewbacca (The Wookiee) :cry:

(Amedee) #724

Try this hotfix…

(Jeff Uk) #725

Nor here either @BoRRoZ… went for a short walk this afternoon and came back to a small banner at top of all open ff tabs saying extensions shut down and e.g. this in status.


Only important regularly used one being the Ad Blocker! :wink: Using FF PC now letting the ADV dross in and running like a dog! :frowning: Now to reset and start again… :wink: More worryingly, and maybe co-incidence, some open tabs for services that were in play on restarting or logging back in have asked to check ident using 2FA, webmail codes etc. so wondering what else is/was going on :thinking:

Not sure what the ‘glitch’ was as have not done any very recent updates to FF… obviously the cert issue flagged in the article :frowning: Will just have to wait the Moz update to flow down

(Jeff Uk) #726

What is the pedigree for this - following the link just attempts/offers an install with no background…what is the info behind this/source of link etc. Cheers.

(Amedee) #727

It is the fix pushed through Normandy.
I am afk, but if you google the url you will find more details…


Faxsploit – Exploiting A Fax With A Picture