The most data lose with lora32u4 ll LMIC

Hello everyone, im new and excuse my english:
I am working with the Lora 32u4ll v1.3 of BsFrance and a gateway in AU915, the 32u4ll send data but the most data lose and the RSSI is very low, around -117.
My lora 32u4ll is very close of the antenna of Gateway´i tried to get away from the gateway and when i do that dont show data into the thinks network
someone knows what happens?

What type/brand of gateway? What antennas are you using for both the gateway and the node? Could you copy and past meta data for a few packets? (Use formatting options from the forum to properly format any text you paste)

Hello Kersing thanks for the answer I used tihs antenna for the lora 32u4 llámbrico-wireless-detail
my gateway is a kerlink and the antenna is a oa-915m06-nf

in adiccion i use this library for the conexion.

You have asked the same question in an issue on the mcci-catena/arduino-lmic GitHub, yet here you refer to the matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic GitHub. So which of these libraries are you using?

Also note that the library likely returns an invalid RSSI value. A bug has been raised in mcci-catena/arduino-lmic GitHub. Most likely the same bug exists in matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic as well as that code hasn’t been touched anymore for two years.

These are presumably uplink signal reports (it doesn’t sound like you have things working well enough to show downlinks)

Please post some of the actual packet reports, showing all of the details - frequency, spreading factor, signal strength, rssi and either the raw still encrypted packet (as base64 or hex) or if the packets are being parsed and decrypted then the port and sequence number.

Also please answer that question about exactly which codebase you are using, and additionally in what mode you are operating it - ie, ABP or OTAA, with or without ADR.

Hello cslorabox, thanks for the answer
I use ABP i tried use OTAA but dont send data

Hello blem thanks for the answer,
I was wrong to publish in that GitHub, the library I use the matthijskooijman-lmic library I tried to use the tiny lora library and I have the same problem some packets appear but not all and the RSSI still arround -177

Please paste several packets as TEXT, not pictures.

We can’t run base64 decoders on a picture…

That said, it looks like your picture is showing a success, not a failure, so it’s unclear what you are asking for help with

Excuse me I´m new in the foros :sweat_smile:
2019-11-25 11:36:42 - [UL]: {“confirmed”:false,“cr_used”:“4/5”,“dataFrame”:“SGVs bG8gTG9yYQA=”,“decrypted”:true,“devaddr”:11386380,“deveui”:“0004a30b0021952c”,“d evice_redundancy”:1,“dr_used”:“SF12BW125”,“early”:false,“fcnt”:89,“freq”:9208000 00,“gtw_info”:[{“ant”:0,“gtw_id”:“7076fffffe01899a”,“rssi”:-107,“snr”:-9}],“id”: 1574699801221,“live”:true,“port”:1,“rssi”:-107,“sf_used”:12,“snr”:-9,“time_on_ai r_ms”:1482.752,“timestamp”:“2019-11-25T16:36:41.221Z”}

I recive data sometimes but for example I send 30 packets and only 5 has arrive in TTN.

Hello, Thanks for your answers, I solved the problem using the library tiny lora and change the frequencys into tynylora.cpp to the frequencys that work my gateway, thanks for all. If in the future somebody have the same problem there is the TinyLoRa library

Tiny LoRa may be an option.

But note that it is TRANSMIT ONLY.

That means that it cannot use ADR to adjust the data rate for the range from the gateway, so you will have to recompile to tune the data rate depending on where you are going to install the node.

Also, beware that if you reboot your node you will probably reset the sequence number, causing the network to start rejecting your packets since they look like a replay attack.

thanks for the recommendation I will inquire in the LMIC library to configure the frequencies my gateaway uses.
Do you know in which file I can search?
Again Thanks for all.

You cannot simply change the frequencies. In an actual LoRaWAN stack like LMiC you have to change the logic governing their usage, too.

This is done by configuring the appropriate region.

Long story short: Please downgrade to TinyLoRa version 1.2.2

Long story:
Probably my fault. I added to the library a setPower function. Although it worked for several days, one day after field testing I had the same behavior as you. I thought I burned some chip, because my + (hot) terminal of battery was off and I imagined I destroyed some amplifier on my adaruit feather lora.

I wanted to buy a new one, but with your message, I realize that something else is bad.

Wow, I can’t believe, I loose 3 months of work because of that. To rectify.

TinyLoRa.h ignores the #define EU863. I hard-coded the #define 863 like the old days in TinyLoRa.h and it’s fine.