The Things Gateway firmware update

And can I still connect gateway to v2? Because I didn’t find the link to connect to v2, means something else and is also down.

I meant that I can make an update that allows you to update some parameters of the gateway. I’ll get back to this thread when the update is made.

ok, thank you, and how can I now connect gatewat to v2?


so is there any solution now, how should I update firmware or connect to v2?

It was Friday mid-morning that @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 said he’d work on it and it is now Monday morning, you’ve given him about 4 hours to do this, assuming he could drop everything else on his todo list to work exclusively on your problem. I’m sure your patience will be rewarded.

Yes sorry. I briefly looked into this on Friday. I’ll need more time to figure out how to allow setting only this one field. I’ll get back here in a day or so.

I think the best option right now is to move the firmware update from beta to stable since they so that all TTKGs can be updated. I’ll check if this works the best.


ok, I am just a little bit worried, sorry for the rush.

Ok so I dug a little bit and you don’t actually need 1.0.8.
1.0.7 which is on the stable branch is also sufficient.
Does your gateway not update to 1.0.7? It should do that automatically if you connect it to v2 since that version is already on the stable branch.

Can you connect your gateway to v2 and let it update its firmware to 1.0.7?

Hello there,

can you provide me the link to connect v2 console?

I used to use to connect v2, but it seems that I cannot do that now.

Choose the Legacy V2 Console option here;

I connect to v2 now, and how could I see my firmware in v2?

Please search for this topic in the forum.

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Hi I am trying to register may old TTN backer edition gateway, which has firmware version 1.0.0…The gateway cannot be activated (LED 1 ON LED 2 ON LED 3 blinking fast, LED 4 & 5 OFF) and it seems to be that v 1.0.8 is needed.

I have read that the firmware update can be done using an SD Card but i could not find the version needed.

Could you please advice?


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I am having the same problem. Gateway Version is 1.0.5 so cannot connect to ttn3.
As far as I understood, I need to connect to ttn2 to update my Gateway. The ttn2 legacy console does not allow to add a Gateway.
Does anybody have an Idea, how to update “The Things Gateway” without ttn2? Is there maybe some kind of migration tool? Otherwise I would have bought an expensive brick…

For future readers, I was able to resolve this:
You can update the Kickstarter the things gateway via SD Card:
=> Update to 1.0.8 => added GatwayID (+ “@ttn” as tenant)

Without Access to V2 you can flash the device also. Downside from the sd-card solution is that you have to keep using sd card forever.

Could you explain what you mean with “ad solution”.
Right now, ttn3 shows Gateway as connected, but no messages reaching ttn3, also the gateway claims to have forwards X- Packages (increases, when sending from device), but they do not show up in console.

Its a typo where my phone interfered with my typing. (I hate auto correct on smartphones)
I meant SD-card solution.

Your problem was mentioned before on the forum. As I never suffered from that problem if have not investigated on it so I cannot help you with that.

Ah ok. Thanks for your hint, now its working. The tenant should not be used:

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Happy to be of help.