The Things Gateway shows status: "not connected"

Same issue here. Gateway is not registered in TTN console. I cannot run ttnctl because I make a install and this command not work from terminal.
Also in TTN traffic didn’t see anything as last week.


You can install and run ttnctl anywhere:

ttnctl gateways status pruebas_leon
  INFO Discovering Router...                   
  INFO Connecting with Router...               
  INFO Connected to Router                     
  INFO Received status                          GatewayID=pruebas_leon

           Last seen: 2020-05-18 11:53:59.389490752 +0200 CEST
           Timestamp: 0
       Reported time: 2020-05-18 11:53:59 +0200 CEST
      Frequency Plan: EU_863_870
              Bridge: gs.v3.
            Location: (42.581059, -5.534930; source unknown)
                 Rtt: 62ns
                  Rx: (in: 24; ok: 0)
                  Tx: (in: 0; ok: 0)

Ahh, ok thanks a lot. So, it’s working ok then?

I cannot see any traffic. unfortunately I haven’t any device at hand to test it. Hope can test it in few days.

Thanks a lot!


Yeah, not seeing traffic in TTN Console is quite annoying and I don’t know of any other way to see gateway Traffic without depending on that NOC component. Also, I don’t know how the Rx and Tx metrics in the output above are calculated. (The source code might reveal that.)

Of course, without TTN, one might still be able to peek into the raw gateway logs; isn’t that something that Balena offers? When you’ve got devices you’ll surely see their traffic just fine though.

I can only see main log but no realtime traffic…

like this:

18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ##### 2020-05-18 10:22:33 GMT #####
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [UPSTREAM] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # RF packets received by concentrator: 0
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # CRC_OK: 0.00%, CRC_FAIL: 0.00%, NO_CRC: 0.00%
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # RF packets forwarded: 0 (0 bytes)
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # PUSH_DATA datagrams sent: 0 (0 bytes)
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # PUSH_DATA acknowledged: 0.00%
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [DOWNSTREAM] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # PULL_DATA sent: 0 (0.00% acknowledged)
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # PULL_RESP(onse) datagrams received: 0 (0 bytes)
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # RF packets sent to concentrator: 0 (0 bytes)
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # TX errors: 0
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### BEACON IS DISABLED!
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [JIT] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # INFO: JIT queue contains 0 packets.
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # INFO: JIT queue contains 0 beacons.
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [GPS] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # No time keeping possible due to fake gps.
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # Manual GPS coordinates: latitude 42.58106, longitude -5.53493, altitude 868 m
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [PERFORMANCE] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # Upstream radio packet quality: 0.00%.
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ### [ CONNECTIONS ] ###
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # Connected
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main # Semtech status report send.
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main ##### END #####
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main 10:22:33 INFO: [TTN] RTT 67
18.05.20 12:22:33 (+0200) main 10:22:33 INFO: [TTN] send status success for

No LoRa traffic is being seen. You could try to contact other gateway owners in your neighborhood, if any: ?

I’ll do that, Thanks a lot for your support

I can only see three of mine TTIG gateways as connected? Three other (R.pi with RAK concentrator) are not showing (balena OS) for about a week ??? Is this some kind of pushing users to buy “official” gateways? Also the TTN mapper is not workig. I spent whole weekend driving with tracker and on the sunday evening I found out almost all packets were gone. I spent many hours of my free time and a lot of euros from my “hobby budget” to build and install gateways around my town (to “build the things together” as many othersI. I am not complainng, I just want to ask when should we find some useful directions how to solve the issues? So far I just found other users reporting similar trouble.Or maybe I am not searching hard enough…

If you check ttnctl status you’ll probably see the gateways are online. The console status is known to have issues. Over the weekend all data has been delivered as usual, just an outage of the console and ttnctl, so ttnmapper should have gotten your data but might have been missing meta data it requires.

Just a FYI

  • Kickstarter Gateway
    My Kickstarter gateway shows up as “not connected” with no gateway traffic is seen in the console BUT when I switched off all other gateways nearby, it must be working because data is getting to applications

  • Rak Gateway
    My Rak gateway is working fine as it always has, data being passed and no problems in the console.

I wish TTN would realise the reputational damage caused by not being seen to deal with this - even if it is just updating the status page about what is going on.

Hi Pete, trust you are staying safe & well… there seem to have been a few threads all running with similar issues over recent days - really irritating as you say. See latest comments from myself and Leonel tonight on the TTIG thread TTIG "not connected" in my case its across multiple GW types - TGW/TTIGs/RPi(s)+RAK, Multitech AEP, (RPi+iMST, Laird RG186 & Dragino’s look to have had other problems which have largely resolved now and they show connected again, except a few where known to be offline/under repair or updating for other reasons) etc… you are not alone! :wink: V. Frustrating!..

Me too! :slight_smile:

My gateway was working well until Sunday when everything went pear-shaped. It came back again on Monday. Now it’s “not connected”. This has happened twice. Yesterday morning (NZ time) it was “not connected” and last seen 16 hours ago. I rebooted it and it was working. This morning it is "not connected and last seen 15 hours ago.

The gateway is a MikroTik LoRa 9 kit. It is plugged in to my home network for internet connectivity.

What is going on?

I logged in to my gateway, then in Webfig click “LoRa”. In the Devices tab I see my (single) LoRa device. Its status is “ERROR”. Hmm.

I hit “Reset Devices” and now my gateway appears again in TTN console.

It’s still connected as of this morning.

Hi @kersing Can you help me out?
When I use ttnctl I get only administrative information but no status, TX or RX packet count.
What am I missing? I only get this.

remko@shuttle-server:~/clistatus$ ./ttnctl gateways info ttn_pe1mew_gateway_1
  INFO Found gateway

          Gateway ID: ttn_pe1mew_gateway_1
      Frequency Plan: EU_863_870
              Router: ttn-router-eu
         Auto Update: on
               Owner: pe1mew
        Owner Public: yes
            Location: (52.000, 5.000, 9)
     Location Public: yes
       Status Public: yes

               Brand: The Things Products
               Model: The Things Gateway
           Placement: outdoor
        AntennaModel: 0 dBd
         Description: TTN Kickstarter Gateway 1
          Access Key: ttn-account-v2.HHI09jidsPuIeR5w...cQ

       - Username: pe1mew

Not to mention poor documentation .

Thanks in advance.

ttnctl gateways status ttn_pe1mew_gateway_1
  INFO Discovering Router...                   
  INFO Connecting with Router...               
  INFO Connected to Router                     
  INFO Received status               GatewayID=ttn_pe1mew_gateway_1

           Last seen: 2020-05-22 17:20:15.181115433 +0200 CEST
           Timestamp: 0
       Reported time: 2020-05-22 17:20:14 +0200 CEST
      Frequency Plan: EU_863_870
              Bridge: gs.v3.
            Location: not available
                 Rtt: not available
                  Rx: (in: 279; ok: 279)
                  Tx: (in: 2; ok: 2)
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Thanks. That information is not provided with the help function of ttnctl:

remko@shuttle-server:~/clistatus$ ./ttnctl gateways
ttnctl gateways can be used to manage gateways.

  ttnctl gateways [command]

  gateways, gateway

Available Commands:
  collaborators Manage collaborators of a gateway.
  delete        Delete a gateway
  edit          Edit a gateway
  info          Get info about a gateway
  list          List your gateways
  register      Register a gateway

Also, status returns Location: not available while info does return those details… :thinking: