The Things Indoor Gateway - TTIG part 1

Maybe there will be an affordable 8ch gateway solar powered with a high gain antenna for outdoor usage in the future…lorix and similar is way too expensive for my applications.

Good to see someone was listening as the UK & EU Versions now closer & more realistic…still an unjustified delta for a small plastic shoe IMHO but progress;-)


Best would be a single SKU with both types included, would make ordering/stocking easier and reduce overal costs (both for RS & for those of us operating across boarders). Having a little bag with various plug option components that are fit on location is after alll standard operating mode for many networking devices per my earlier comments., also as of tonight there are 120 of 1 Sku and 270 of the other - there could be 390 of a common SKU :wink:

Updated to add:

We also need to step volume price breaks :wink:



Can someone confirm that the US version is using channels 1 - 8? I’m trying to connect a Dragino sensor, and not having any luck…

Check the TTN frequency plans to see if those values match your expectation. Those frequencies are what TTIG is using.

Thanks, that explains it. Those are channels 8-15.


Someone know where to find eu power shoe now?

What ports MUST BE OPENED behind a firewall to ensure correct function of TTIG?
Where to find this relevant info?


Only communicate from your network to the server off TTN.
So a strait gateway access, even multiply NAT will work.


Any idea if it is now stocked by any retailer in Singapore?


I have opend the following connections for the TTIG on the firewall:
TTN Connection: TCP / UDP: Port:1700
TTN Regestration: TCP: Port: 443
TTN CUPS: TCP: Port: 7007
Replace the REGION with your configured region, like eu

I found an error in my Firewall Setting for CUPS

IPv4 TCP/UDP: TTIG -to-> (Traffic)
IPv4 TCP: TTIG -to-> (LNS)
IPv4 TCP: TTIG -to-> (CUPS)
IPv4 TCP: TTIG -to-> (CUPS Backup)

I just ran into @JackGruber’s addition to the FAQ on :+1:

Q. I want to operate the gateway behind a firewall

The following connections must be permitted in the firewall.

IP Version Protocol Destination Port Description
IPv4 TCP lns.{eu us au br as} 443 LNS
IPv4 TCP 9191 CUPS
IPv4 TCP 7007 CUPS
IPv4 UDP your DNS server(s) 53 DNS

No mention of on port 1700, so I guess that’s not needed.


Confirmed. That port is not used by Basic Station which runs on the TTIG.


Yes, in the post i mixed the rules of my ESP8266 singel channel gateway and those of my TTIG GW.
The TTIG use only websockets over TCP 443 for communication with the backend.

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Some knowledge about my TTIG I wanted to share.

Gateway status is presented in console (When console operates, but I am not going in to that on this topic) but information derived from behaviour is different from what we know with UDP and protobuf type connected gateways.

With UDP and protobuf connected gateways everytime data is received from the gateway the last seen time is updated. The data that triggers the last seen time can be uplink data packets or status or link-ckeck-data. Using TTNCTL you get the same time as form consol at which the gateway is seen.

In the case of TTIG I observed a different behaviour. Here only uplink packets change the last seen time in console. Any other data will not update the last seen time. TTNCTL is no presenting an up to date last seen time.

As a result of this, a fully operational TTIG that has not received any uplink packet since powering on can have a last seen time in console of hours or many days ago!.

I think this is information you might want to know.

Correction: TTNCTL is not updated by any link activity!


Someone know where to find the connector to the power outlet for TTIG now?

Do you mean the USB-C socket at the bottom or the adapter for the mains socket?

the adapter for the mains socket

See the picture, I think clear