The Things Indoor Gateway - TTIG part 1

I received yesterday some 868 MHz TTIG (gateways) from RS . The right (EU) power connector was included in the box. The Things Network registration was very succesfull (5 min) on the first attempt.
The location’s are now Netherlands (Uithoorn), but they will be placed somewhere in Friesland (north off the Netherlands) for a monitoring project.
These gateways will be converted to a external antenna as I did above.

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Great news it looks like they are finally offering a version of the TTIG with a UK mains power shoe:


BAD NEWS: Looks like we are to be ripped off for another £15!!!

I recently bought a branded 8 port 10/100 desk top ethernet switch from Amazon - which came with power adaptor shoes for EU, UK, US & (I think AU or similar) for less than half the cost of this uplift. & thats including VAT! (Edit - and free delivery! :slight_smile: )

@wienkegiezeman are they serious?!

Hi all I had the issue that RS supplied an EU shoe for my TTIGs I ordered.I then pointed out that products sold in the UK have to have a UK plug fitted. I was sent several in the post free.


I have this gateway since 2 month and screw an external sma connector on it. I think it’s quite good but I prefer to mount it outdoors to shorten the antenna cable length and mount it at a high point.
Is the electronics inside basically able to withstand temperatures down to -20C up to 50C? A water protected case should not be a problem including condensate water outlet.

In principle, SX1308 has a reduced temperature range (0-70), so not suitable for outdoors.

Specs wise probably not, but depending on the external case used, when using TTIG’s built-in power supply it will at least be a bit warmer than the surrounding air temperature.


I was thinking the same but this should be a good isolated (Polystyrene foam) case that does not overheat in summer.
The receiver is quite good, maybe it’s worth. On the other hand 3-5m antenna cable is much easier to realise…

I was going to suggest the same, but thinking at the other side of the range, it might become too hot under the sun… and not sure that with continuous exposure some foam will suffice . With a more programmable gateway, I would add a temperature sensor in the enclosure to monitor the situation.

Yes. Unfortunately the TTIG is not that programmable.
Its ESP8266 MCU is limited on resources and available IO ports. An ESP32 would have been more flexible and more powerful.

Maybe there will be an affordable 8ch gateway solar powered with a high gain antenna for outdoor usage in the future…lorix and similar is way too expensive for my applications.

Good to see someone was listening as the UK & EU Versions now closer & more realistic…still an unjustified delta for a small plastic shoe IMHO but progress;-)


Best would be a single SKU with both types included, would make ordering/stocking easier and reduce overal costs (both for RS & for those of us operating across boarders). Having a little bag with various plug option components that are fit on location is after alll standard operating mode for many networking devices per my earlier comments., also as of tonight there are 120 of 1 Sku and 270 of the other - there could be 390 of a common SKU :wink:

Updated to add:

We also need to step volume price breaks :wink:



Can someone confirm that the US version is using channels 1 - 8? I’m trying to connect a Dragino sensor, and not having any luck…

Check the TTN frequency plans to see if those values match your expectation. Those frequencies are what TTIG is using.

Thanks, that explains it. Those are channels 8-15.


Someone know where to find eu power shoe now?

What ports MUST BE OPENED behind a firewall to ensure correct function of TTIG?
Where to find this relevant info?


Only communicate from your network to the server off TTN.
So a strait gateway access, even multiply NAT will work.


Any idea if it is now stocked by any retailer in Singapore?


I have opend the following connections for the TTIG on the firewall:
TTN Connection: TCP / UDP: Port:1700
TTN Regestration: TCP: Port: 443
TTN CUPS: TCP: Port: 7007
Replace the REGION with your configured region, like eu