The Things Node : new low power library development

(Samuel) #209

For the Join: What about initiating the LoRa Module and going to sleep and waking by interrupt from the Lora Module? (When join successful or failed)


the LoRa module wake up the node from sleep. Today the code is “wake, do what to to and send”, in this case it will need some rewrite because join is in setup and putting the module to sleep will just try to send, not join, so changes are not trivial, but it’s do able with some time.


complicates things and doesn’t save a lot of energy imho

(Gianluigi) #212

I’m testing the last libraries version (
Do you think that switching off the LED activation could improve performance consumption or it should be transcurable ?


After the really GREAT WORK in debugging by @Charles, @BoRRoZ and @HanspeterH, I thought it’s about the right time to get also a TTN Node.

So I looked at the shop but
Quantity of product The Things Node can not be less than 5
@TTP : do you really think it’s a wise strategy to force the “valued customer” into such a buying excess?
Or is it probably to sell of this prototyping version?

(I know, it’s a little bit off-topic here, but not required opening a new thread)


You can buy one unit at farnell, that what I’m doing :wink:

(Gianluigi) #222

Hi Hanspeter,
do you think the simulator tool at the bottom of could help your evaluation ?


Thanks, looks interresting. But as I am not into HW design but rather using existing HW I do not seem to be the type of person this tool adresses. Its for designers. But I have to have a more indepth look at it as soon as I have time. Right now I am happy that the ttn node is doing well with its 35 uA standby current and my still to optimize for low power but working earthquake sensor based on omron D7S

(Gianluigi) #224

Interesting use case.
Do you know that also Sigfox is working on it ?(


Thanks for the info about Sigfox project. For my sensor the problem is first mounting the sensor the correct way (connection to earth…, there are some tips by googling) but testing is kind of difficult as I am not living in San Francisco…


In Japan they have more then 20 years of experience in this field


I bought a new DMM and captured some power usage data of my ttn node while in sleep mode.Has anybody an explanation what the reason is for those spikes around every 12 seconds?


put your application data (console) on the same screen then you know if its lorawan related

(Jac Kersing) #229

Probably the controller in the RN module waking up and going back to sleep.


its the unmodified cayenne LPP sketch…


Great job to all above !

Small question: how can I get this nice standby power consumption in to the CayenneLP application ? Or should I just update the libarary and recompile ?


combined the sketches (batt.monitor & cayenne_lpp) packed in a weather shield in parallel with a Sensirion SHT31 demo board
(do not buy the MISOL 1 shield,because it has no mounting fascility)

thanks for your work at debugging and publishing the libraries


bad luck… no shippyshippy to the Netherlands :sunglasses:

( sorry for going off topic :sunglasses: )


Here you go:


Could you share you’re sourcecode ? Look great !