This is the topic to discuss measurement tools like multimeters, scopes, logic analyzers, power supply’s, rf equipment ect.
from used, to hobby to professional… what do YOU use on your workbench ?

What is the best deal, what’s new on the market, what NOT to buy ect.




Not a bargain but the SDS1104X-E 4-channel is only €90,- (ex. VAT) more than the 2-channel SDS1202X-E bargain price. SDS1104X-E is 100Mhz while the 2-channel SDS1202X-E is 200MHz. For many users a 100MHz scope will be more than sufficient. Both scopes are very good value for money.
Serial protocol decoding is included as a standard feature for which 4 channels are more useful (e.g. SPI) than 2 channels and often 4 channels are more useful anyway.


(There also is a 200MHz version of this scope: the SDS1204X-E. But that is 54% more expensive than the 100MHz SDS1104X-E, which is quite an increase.)

SDS1000X-E Series Datasheet
SDS1000X-E Series Manual

SDS1104X-E In-depth review:

All in-depth review PDF’s composed into two PDF’s (in 2 parts due to upload size restrictions):
SDS1104X-E In-Depth Review (part 1 of 2).pdf (2.7 MB)
SDS1104X-E In-Depth Review (part 2 of 2).pdf (2.0 MB)

SDS1104X-E Teardown:

From the in-depth review:

The new Siglent SDS1x04X-E series SPO appear to have the potential of setting a new price/performance standard in the entry level class. The most striking features are:

  • 4 channels
  • Sample rate 2 x 1GSa/s or 4 x 500MSa/s
  • Bandwidth 100MHz (200MHz for theSDS1204X-E)
  • Memory depth 2 x 14Mpts or 4 x 7Mpts
  • Up to >100k Wfm/s (up to >400k in sequence mode)
  • Vertical true full resolution sensitivity down to 500µV/div
  • Segmented memory up to 80000 segments for history and sequence mode
  • Serial Trigger and Decoder (Standard): I2C, SPI, UART/RS232, CAN, LIN
  • Full speed mask test
  • 1Mpts FFT with Spectrum Analyzer-oriented user interface
  • Automatic measurements use full record length with no decimation
  • Full connectivity over USB and LAN (WiFi optional)
  • Built-in web server
  • Bode plotter for network analysis (Note: this requires a compatible AWG)

Additional options:

  • WiFi (via USB dongle)
  • External AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) SAG1021 up to 25MHz
  • External 16 channel MSO (Logic Analyzer) with 1GSa/s up to 14Mpts

(Articles are available on EEVBlog for how to upgrade to 200MHz and WiFi.)


What about Rigol ds 1054z If the analog frontend and BW are not very important for you.
E.g. I already have analogue Tekronix 2x100MHz and for software debug I consider RIgol but I did not know anything about Siglent. Are there any other cheap options for SW debug - e.g GPIO, SPI,I2C,UART and limited Analog capability.

The Siglent SDS1104X-E is a major improvement over the Rigol DS1054Z in multiple aspects (and more expensive). The SDS1104X-E is a newer generation. It was released just a few months ago while the DS1054Z was released 3 years ago.
As a cheap option for debugging GPIO and serial protocols (SPI, I2C etc.) you could buy a (cheap Chinese) 8-channel USB Logic Analyzer starting from less then $10 (and way up) but it will not have analog support. Logic analyzers with analog support are much more expensive.
For more specs and comparisons with DS1054Z check reviews on the web. Some useful links for the SDS1104X-E are provided above. I went for a SDS1104X-E because it is a good and affordable general purpose scope (within my budget) with many features and it is based on recent technology.

If you are considering the Rigol DS1054Z for serial decoding (SPI, I2C etc.) it is not very strong at that because it only decodes the part of the signal that is visible on screen (see reviews).

Looks a nice scope!
I’ve had a DS1054Z for a few years (upgraded to 100 Mhz).
Now that the firmware revisions have settled, I find it works fine for whenever I need to use one (Analogue). If you get one cheap with all the probes then I think most would be fine with it.

“Are there any other cheap options for SW debug - e.g GPIO, SPI,I2C,UART and limited Analog capability.”
Hi Mirtcho - For digital signal processing, I find this works a lot better (don’t get the 8 channel one - it doesn’t buffer the USB as much)

Yes a separate logic analyzer (in addition to a (DSO) scope) is good to have anyhow.

While a DSO scope is not a replacement for a logic analyzer, the serial decoding and triggering features on the SDS1104X-E are significantly better and more useful than on the DS1054Z.

In Europe the Siglent SDS1104X-E is 31% more expensive than the 3-year old Rigol DS1054Z, That 31% gets you a scope with significantly better specs and features, is more modern and more future-proof.

A 4-channel scope with decent serial (SPI, I2C etc.) decoding and triggering (like SDS1104X-E) has the advantage that you can correlate these serial signals with other - both analog and digital - signals.

When investing in a scope for the longer run:
For better specs, more versatility and better usability, the extra 31% for the SDS1104X-E over the DS1054Z will be well spent. (But if you are never going to use its better specs and additional features (which I doubt) then better save those 31% for something else.)

A tool that I use regulary is this affordable basic 'logic probe.
You can use it in one hand and detect if a GPIO is one or zero very easy.

best Used Oscilloscopes info

What is the additional benefit of having an RF input? What additional measurement can be made?

I’m mainly interested in checking antennas.

the above is a reaction to (that got lost when moving) :

For antenna testing that input might not help (without an external directional coupler, which I presume these things already have inside) but it would be useful for testing things like filters.

US $6.38 incl. shipping

Any idea if there is a software to communicate with that logic analyser available somewhere, @BoRRoZ ?

Usualy, the opensource solution is the initial step. Easy to use, rich feature set, large collection of supported hardware…

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While not OS, this may also work.

I’m afraid no longer :wink:

It used to work some years back, but when all the Saleae clones came to the market the application checks if it is communicating with a legit product.
anyway… I have a very very old one


I must be lucky then. Latest version still works on mine (2 years old).
Just installed (update) the latest stable version this week. Had not used it in a while.


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@Mirmit ah yeah thanks it seems to be listed in sigrok supported hardware.

@bluejedi I wouldn’t rely on saleae supporting clones in their software but I’ll give it a try thanks

@BoRRoZ ah ok well no need to give it a try then. anyway thanks for the tip, at 5 € delivered it really is a bargain.

That would be a violation of their license. Their software is licensed for use with their original hardware only.

Forum members, please do not encourage other people to violate licenses or perform other illegal activities.