TTIG: Gateway worked fine for three months now it is not connecting

The green LED is blinking in 1/4 second mode which means Wifi connected but not connected to LoRaWan server. There have been a few occasions when it did connect but most of the time it does not.

Power cycling and setting it up again did not help. It is set to the Legacy Forwarder. I have been using it intermittently for node development. I am in the US region.


Greetings, I’m in the same boat, purchased a TTIG via Adafruit in the US, and yesterday it entered 1/4 second flashing mode.

I’ve cycled power, reconfigured, factory reset all to no effect… Simply blinking in 1/4 second mode after some boot shenanigans on the LED…

I guess I speak to adafruit to manage repair exchange/returns? Only had it up for a month…



Oh… I see. This is incredibly common for this product, or rather the backend that is serving it…

Copious other thread-age on the same behavior in recent weeks and months.

My gateway:

Thanks - patience is a virtue, they say…

… same thing here, see

Back to normal now. It is ok for my node development but nevertheless frustrating. I will not deploy in the field. Wonder whether the intermittent use causes the problem since the firmware update is not continuous.