TTIG Transmit power configuration

How can I configure my gateway to transmit at lower power? I have a suspicion that the problems with downlink while I’m prototyping is caused by gateway saturating my node.

You could modify the packet forwarder source (edit, well maybe not for the TTIG, missed that you said that - though you are not given source for the TTIG is a huge problem all of its own.)

This is relatively unlikely

Going the other way does occasionally happen, but tends to only be an issue with naive software - essentially if you are too close, the gateway can report not only the signal on the correct frequency but also a week signal on other frequencies. But well written network software should go with the strongest.

More common problems:

  • a node close to a gateway can blank out reception of more distant nodes on DIFFERENT frequencies, but only while it is transmitting

  • node listening at the wrong time (very common) or wrong details (occasional configuration issues)

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Thanks, Simon! I’m not sure, if it could be linked to TTIG<—>TTN-Server connection, at the moment the TTIG is ready to send out DL message, there is nothing it needs from TTN-Servers. How can it possibly mess up LoRa timings? As for my case - I have watched closely if Freq/SF/BW matches from gateway<—>node, and never seen any anomaly.

I’ve moved this into a topic of its own. I think that also answers your last post?

Thank you, Arjan!
Now I get it - Gateway receives Uplink and tries to upload it to the server ASAP, but the connection has been dropped, so reconnect is forced immediately, at the same time DL message should be sent out, but the timing is messed up now, because Gateway is busy with less important stuff.
wow… and I thought - I should buy the official TTN gateway, to be sure, everything works flawlessly. :smiley:

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