TTN Almería

Hi all! We are a small community, and almost all the Gateways that exist are private, but we are going to try to change this, to encourage people and start to grow.

We are a community with a lot of potential in agriculture, we are the region with the most greenhouses in Spain, so we hope that people will join in the future.

You can contact us through twitter @TTN_Almeria

Or through the contributors and core team we have in the team, we will try to be as active and fast as possible.

This space can be used for discussions and topics related to the province.

Greetings to all!

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So be sure to have community members join todays LoRaWAN in Agriculture TTN/TTI webinar….4pm CET ! :slight_smile: :+1:


Muy buenas compañeros! Saludos desde TTN Tudela (Navarra). Estamos empezando nuestra comunidad!

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